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Close Short Sales with our attorneys within 120 days!! Contact me for additional information;


Free Real Estate Agent conference call for agents interested in selling their short sales quicker than anyone else and making good commissions!! Ask any question during the Q & A ....
Contact me for date and time: webuynw@hotmail.com

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Real estate can get a bit boring sometimes, let's face it. Exploring fun home possibilities like hidden doorways is a way to change that. After looking for the exciting, there is more than expected.

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Bottom line, the multi-million dollar Florida Hardest Hit Fund sounds wonderful and it has a great name — the Hardest Hit Fund — but the truth is that it’s not going to be much help to most Florida home owners who are dealing with underwater mortgages.

Florida home loans that are greater than Florida real estate values are the grim reality for many, many Florida homeowners today – and most of these mortgages will be negotiated directly with the lender, either through a loan modification, a short sale, or a foreclosure lawsuit.

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How does a short sale work? #shortsaleflorida  
Short Sale Process in Florida | How does a short sale work? #shortsale   #shortsaleflorida   #mortgageadvice  

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Your clients want to get every dollar they can out of their home sale. Here are some tips to give them to maximize their sale value. What other tips do you have for sellers?

Hi, my name is Ryan Bataille and I have been designing custom homes and commercial projects in the Florida since 2000. I have a passion for the housing industry and dealing directly with clients so last year I obtained my Florida Real Estate License. With less than a year in Real Estate under my belt, I am having a difficult time getting things going. I would greatly appreciate any advice you might be willing to share regarding client acquisitions, short sales or anything else you'd be willing to share as I'm anxious to get rolling.

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Buyers Getting Blown away by the Bling?

Keep Clients Grounded with These Priceless Tips on Resale Value...

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Here are some great tips to share with your clients to optimize their home appraisal values, do you have any others?
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