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• master / slave

• abilities ( optional or if the master wants to add some to the slave)

• weapons ( optional )

•Bio ( optional )

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• name: Rose (sometimes Rosie)

• age: late teens, however unknown.

• Gender: female

• master / slave: slave

• abilities: N/A

• weapons: N/A

Hello and good morning to everyone ^_^

•name: Eilio

•age: 19 years old

• Gender: Female

• master / slave: Slave~

• abilities: Best at giving blowjobs along with titfucks

• weapons: Whip , feather , dildos , vibrators , rope , and ball gags

•Bio: Bartender at a Famous club in Hollywood but kicked out for doing a bunch of porno with guys, was than kidnapped and put for sale at a slave market, They put me up for sale for about $50,000,000, I was very popular for my looks and rare cat ears and tail

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Just thought I introduce myself properly
its long so you dont have to read it all if you dont want to

Name: Prince Janga

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Master or Slave: Either one (Preferably a slave)

Likes: Futas, Tit sucking, ass grabbing, Dick sucking, domination as well as submission, femboys

Dislikes: Scat, Piss, Rude people, Loud noises, abuse (non sexual)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5'7

Bio: Janga came from a royal family, learning how to be a good boy. When he became 16, his sex drive started to get stronger. He was too shy to tell anyone about his "secret urges". He started watching born and masturbating everyday. He used to be straight and was in love with women, until some guy molested him and forced sex on him. He didn't tell anyone what happen. When he turned 18, he started to remember that day and started surrounded himself with guy gay and other bisexuals like him. He sucked his first Dick at a party 2 weeks before leaving his parents. He lived in a shared home with a guy and his girlfriend. They were a cute couple and he had a crush on both of them. Little did he know that they were talking about having sex with him one night. They called him to their room and he slept with both of them. It was the best night of his life. But 2 days later, someone broke into the house and killed them both. He wasn't home at the time and when he came back, he bursts into tears. Now he is all alone living in their house trying to keep it together........ 

Hmmmm. New place. I think I can support this hehe

Hey dudes my name is Natalia and I'm a moderator here so yea :P
Age:I rather not say
Personality:I'm more of a nice girl but I can be a retarded savage
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