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Good Afternoon! With the return of HG Safari and others after the summer off, several people have asked for meeting time and day changes for the Weekly Q&A back to Fridays. Here is your chance to cast a vote! :) Feel free to suggest other options in this thread.
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Continue Wednesday at the same time.
Continue Wednesday but at a later time.
Move to Friday at the same time.
Move to Friday at a later time.

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Alchemy Feature Improvement Requested

Current Draw Distance and LOD slider options are limited to 512 and 2.0. Request feature improvement to 1024 and 4.0 if possible (Same options in other viewers.)

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Kokua OS Viewer Bug Report Submitted

with build constraints disabled in advanced menu

Steps to reproduce:
1) Enter 4x4 VAR region in Open Simulator
2) Create box at 640,460,26
3) Create nearby sphere
4) From edit tool, copy position of box
5) Click sphere and paste position
Observed: Sphere moves to 256,256,26
Expected: Sphere moves to 640,460,26

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aws AppStream OnLook OSgrid (Android Tablet)

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Oculus Rift on Second Life in Dystopian Environment using Ctrl Alt Studio

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Tomorrow, Sep 15, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time Outpost Alpha

To find the interactive games, click Lake House Offices on the teleport board then take the elevator lift to the second floor.

Click the image below for your time zone and let us know if you will be attending so we can set out a chair if needed.
This week's test hour involves a bit of fun testing two other games by Frank Northmead found on the Hypergrid. These have replaced the two we tested last time in the Lake House Offices on the north side of IMA Outpost Alpha. One game is similar to Yatzee while the other is actually an educational game designed to improve counting skills and strategic thinking. We would like to test user experiences with different viewers bugs so come have fun! All you have to do is play and share your user experience. 
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I wrote this (the first of 5 tutorials) after I discovered Leveller, a commercial heightfield editor which can import and export many formats, including real world data. After discussions with the developer, he even created an automated import/export options for Opensim using .ter (terragen) format.

Other Tutorials in this series:
Exporting from Leveller to Opensim
Making terrains using shapes in Leveller
Importing real life geography into Leveller

This week's meeting will be at the IMA Meet&Greet region hosted by Neovo Geesink at Meet&Greet on Sep 13, 2017 at 4:30 pm Eastern Time.

Last week we talked about Selby's latest idea to launch "The Web Show". We also talked a bit Friday about the latest development capabilities with Cybalounge (a web-based 3D world). Selby has released some articles on his blog and Dieter is working on the drag and drop tool for mesh import.

One topic that seems to reflect a lot of engagement in the past few weeks is the prospect of viewer development - some of which may be along the lines of web-based development while others are along the lines of client-based development. A common theme in these discussions is not related to any particular viewer (they are all great projects with great people!). End-users care more about features and not having to go into advanced debug settings to get them. Bug reports have been submitted as a result of testing by various people in the IMA community. Thank you for your hard work! We will continue to help existing development teams where we can.

Barbara and I agree this would be a good time to do a feature for feature comparison with community involvement. This is not from a developer perspective but from a user perspective. If anyone would like to help us get this comparison underway, let us know! We want to hear from you what features we want to include in the comparison. :)

Are there any questions anyone would like added to the agenda for this week?

Lisa Laxton
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