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have now moved to resurrection remix 5.8.4 for my samsung s3 i9300 runs realy smooth and fast pity i had to go there as i always used nameless roms

In case anybody's having issues with the camera crashing on the latest (great) update, all I had to do was clear the camera's cache under apps and that solved the issue immediately.

Also, unrelated to the update, I had an annoying issue with SuperSU saying that the binary was occupied while on the latest version and the only way I got it to work without an infinite boot animation was to uninstall it using from TWRP and then flashing the latest version of supersu (on TWRP as well). For some reason, the application didn't show up on my applications list after the twrp flash but I just went into playstore and downloaded/installed it from there. Not sure how basic this is but it took me 3 restores to get this right.

Hope this helps...

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Sorry for the lack of updates (again).
I feel like i am apologizing all the time, this needs to stop.

Lots of things were going on, which consumed more time than i would have wished and expected.

Today a went to my device box and went through it and i have discovered some treasures.

Even some own hardware is in work ;)

I am going to send 3 devices, a OPPO Find7, OPPO R7Plus and ZUK Z2 PRO to +Dheeraj CVR to play with them.

I am planning to do a bringup for the OnePlus 5 really soon, also i have just published an update for the Find7 and am building, testing and uploading a new build for OnePlus3(T) as well.

Another thing to notice, we welcome another guy to the team, helping us out (i hope), +Nicholas Pace did some builds for Nexus 6P (angler).

Also +Javi Ferrer has some surprises stashed away, not sure when he is going to unleash them to the world.


Google+ notifications are overflowing my account, so if you want to have a fast reply, please link my name to your posts / replies.

Thanks for being a part and staying with us in these busy times.
The future will surely look brighter from now on :)


Did someone find how to enable VoLTE on Nameless?
My Find7a has issues when switching from LTE to H to handle a phone call. This causes the call to not work. I figured out that when setting preferred network to 3G, calls were always working.
So I'm looking to enable VoLTE so I won't have this issue again.
Thank you if you have a solution.

I just wanna thank you, Been a long-tiem Nameless ROM user, the 3 updates lately is the best of Nameless, fast, smooth and stable :)

This find7 folder on download seems to contain the wrong binaries for the device. 2017-06-30 511.9 MB

+Alexander Martinz are you getting the Oneplus 5? Just got one, arrived today. Fantastic phone!

I flashed lollipop nameless v7 on note 4 n910f but now I have so many problems including super fast battery drain so it would last me 3 hours only. Cell radio is consumimg battety about 50% and I dont even have a sim card and I keep airplane mode always on. Plus my phone charges normally to 50% and then even of I keep it 5 hrs on the original fast charger it wont increase 1%. And my phone turns off at 13% .so my powerful 3700 mAh battery is a crap now. I tried replacing the charger and the battery twice but none has worked .I tried callibrating my battery 100 times but it didnt work. I tried flashing resurrection remix rom nougat and it worked perfectly but it is just that nameless rom keeps the bloatware that make the note4 special while rr rom doesnt .plus if u can find a way so that I can move all my apps and app. Data to the new rr rom. It says it is incompatible. I am now trying to download nameless v4 marshmallow and I will wait for it to download and I will try it but just a question here . from nameless v7 to namess v4 5.1.1 to 6.0 do I need to wipe data?

I wonder if there will be a Nameless 4.1 Nougat Rom for Galaxy S3 I9300 anytime soon?
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