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My latest mix on Mixcloud.

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My latest mix, just released on 24 JUL 2016

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Just a surprise party for my uncle's BD, with my girls' gang. He was Rock Musician and Radio DJ before. I made this mix for him in return. REMARK: No Beat Match for this. He hates it. This mix can boost up approx + 3dB or more (cross my fingers). PEACE, everyone ❤❤❤

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It's the longest mix I've done; almost 2 hours. Kind of gradually tunes not like either Pumbah stuff or an instant EDM. I'm an old school girl. I love to create human feeling to join & dance with the best tunes. I was also added my Rock tunes from "The Temple Of Lust" since half JAN to be the one mix this time.

You can find the rest of playlist there. I put first 3 of them here, start from number 9 ^^

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I've just finished my work and joined the party at Linda's Villa in Phuket Island. Only mix with my laptop and Reaper Software but The party was solid awesome. I'll bring this mix to 3DXChat soon after I finished my job assignment in Singapore ^^

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I'm stealing CD from my brother's collections for remix ^^. I made the better for the greatest Jimi Hendrix mix in return, His tunes and lyrics were made from heaven & hell the same time. I made this remix for the next generation my own way. Just let them know how the greatest Jimi was.

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Someone pointed at me like I'm a baby. Sorry. I'm not ^^
This mix was done. My concept won't do a fantasy mix
I'm mixing with human feeling & respecting to the artists.
Mostly from TV & Movies.

1. Miami Vice - TV series: 2 songs.
2. Top Guns: 3 songs.
3. The Commitments: 3 songs.
4. Godzilla.
5. 300 -Rising Of The Empire.

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These are 13 of 43 songs for Eurovision Song Contest 2016.
I picked them for my favorite (my own style).
And l'm looking forwarding to seeing which song will be the winner.

❤❤ The winner was Ukraine "1944" performed by Jamala. It was not on my list. I was born in 1990 so I don't know much about the story.
At least number 2 was in this mix ❤❤.

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This mix I made for 3DXChat players who have same music taste like mine.
It was an awesome party there. So I'd like to share with other music lovers here.
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