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Could I mod pin this?

Daaaamn, I asked to be in this a LONG time ago XD

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would anyone care or be interested in doing classes teaching others how to create art as the courses will be done in the perspective of a artist who has never created art before and if enough people are interested it would become a official community so all the classes and such could be taught. Please comment your opinion on the idea as this would be a Furry related school and ran as a school

Who is really good at spotting trolls possible from UTTP?

I need you in my community cause I've been getting trolled so hard and it pisses me off, at one point someone hacked one of my mods and myself, I had to block his computer from my account so he couldn't continue making huge changes to the community

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Hi everyone. Thanks for accepting me into the community. :D

Hello again everyone!

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[This Comments includes 3 User instead of one. Question to that and others will be answered by +ZYALXA TREX (scince he is loyal and always saying the truth)]


Name: Spectrum Feather
Nickname: Spectra
Type: Winged Wolf
Likes: Drawing, Music, Reading Stories.
Dislikes: Short Answers
Born: 2.8.1999
State: Complicated
Preferred Weapon: Swords (or sword-like weapons)
Spectrum Feather is someone you can trust, but you will not hear or see him often. He always stays in the darkness and remains silent for a very long time. Sometimes he comes out and acts like no time has passed.
No one really knows why he is with us all the time, but he knows how to hide in front of an enemy within an eyeblink


Name: Syntex
Nickname: Sin
Type: Snake-Wolf (Reptile Wolf?)
Likes: Stealth, Darkness, Silence, Snow
Dislikes: Fire, loud noises, Heat
Age: [Unknown, will update if known]
State: Single
Preferred Weapon: Silent Weapons
This one Wolf here is ridiculous. Even though he is Reptile, he still prefers cold places. And also, once the Enemy has spotted him, he runs as fast as a bullet and in the next moment, flesh and bones are removed from each others.
But he is also the kindest one. Whatever problems you have, he will help and find a solution for you.

Last one

Name: Vernex
Nickname: [UNKNOWN]
Type: Wolf
Likes: Informations. Logic, Solving Missions
Dislikes: Wrong Imformations, unlogical issues, failed Missions
State: [Unknown, will update if known]
Age: 20
Preferred Weapon: I don't care wich weapon, as long as it is a weapon I can use
He does not feel but he does care. He also only wants to finish the mission. It looks like he has no heart (and it might be wrong after all) but he statet: "Feelings stop me from finishing the mission. It cannot finish itself when you cry about losing something or by screaming just because of a 1 meter huge spider.".
But do not hate him now, because he can be useful. Banishing him would be not such a good Idea. And also, if someone is in great pain, he knows how to heal a wound and how to calm the one in pain.

[ Art is not by me. These 3 Pictures resembled these 3 Characters just perfect. ]
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