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* that moment when a community is dead XD.

Guys help me plz I'm Bing bully plz help

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(You know...I wonder how this would turn out...I've never done we go!)
I grunt as I landed hard on the bed of flowers, my eyes conflicting between gold and red as my hatred for the above ground grew. I just...wanted to go cool down wanted to shoot everything I see as I walked down the path to where I met a lone flower...with a strange face

(Need someone/some people to be the main characters and some minor monsters for this. This is Genocide so try not to Godmod. (I, however, expect Sans to dodge until he's very tired, I'll try to limit how much I dodge an attack.)

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Hope u like it ^^ I made it on class :3

(Hey ya, guys. guess my Undertale addiction finally caught on, as I was invited to join by Wolfslacher outertale.) that in my standard bio I have magic abilities and weapons of Melee, Ranged, and Magic. I've decide it would be fair enough to include only weapon from the standard bio [found in my Admin's bio] and limit magic by, instead of MP, I use HP (as MP is not a thing in Undertale.)

Oh...I'm being rude, I've forgotten to introduce myself. I am Wolfsu Isfer Yamaizta. More details about me are again found in my Admin's bio on our Google Plus page. And all below status are because...well, I've killed before I came here...and many felled to my sniper and perhaps it's safe to assume these, right?

Status for this community (Pending to change):
LV: 20
HP: 99
ATK: (Unknown, but damage reports hardly spike above 100 per hit. Avg hit is around 10-15, with some hits reaching 20-40. Rarely 50+ This is unarmed damage.)
DEF: (Unknown, but mostly takes 10-30 damage per hit. Rarely 50+ unless DOT (Damage Over Time) status effects occur, without armor)
Status Effect upon start of any RPs: (Unless stated) Healthy
Status (in terms of relationship): Married
Weapon: .44 Mag
Weapon Stats:
DMG: 15-30
Clip Size: 6
Reload: 5 secs
Crit chance: Approx. 20%
Headshot DMG: x1.5 (Achieved after Focusing)
Armor: (I will be ignoring clothing as armor to counterbalance this a bit.)
Amulet of Shadows (Decreases oncoming DMG by 5, increases Darkness DMG output by 10 but at increased HP consumption by 5.)
Amulet of Demons (Decreases oncoming DMG by 5, increases Fire DMG output by 10, but at a increased HP consumption of 5.)
Item: Empty unless stated.
Universe: Standard

Still possible to do Pacifist do to heighten interest and curiosity of the Underworld.

Hello how is everyone

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