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Anyone want to rp a supernatural crossover with me? Any irl gender able. You can play as Sam or Dean or even someone else ocs who meets the brothers.
The only rules are no text talk and no one liners two minimum and this will likely be long term most likely not sexual. This will be a Digimon and supernatural crossover.

You don't have to know Digimon to rp with me!!!

The digital world will be explained slowly if you don't already know it.

I have made ocs of a popular Digimon character I'm aware that's not their normal colors or exc.

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Name: Nova Vaco
Age: 19
Gender: male
Sexuality: bi (male female or other)
Bio: Nova has always had a connection with digital things. When he was little his mother went missing in the digital world and his father tired to remove anything digital from Nova but Nova always found a way to get online and play his previous game. He'd always take the time to care for his little Viximon on the digital world game. One day his little Viximon died and it was the most crushing day of his life. That was also the day he was sucked into the digital world. He wandered the desert for many days. He almost died. He was revived and shaded by a small Gazimon. He thanked the little Digimon and they parted ways but when the Digimon was in trouble Nova came to the little one's rescue. Gazimon was forced to baby form, Kyaromon, Nova manged to escape with the little one. Nova thought he could never love another Digimon but Kyaromon managed to prove himself and a digivice was granted to them. Ever sense Nova has been over protective of Gazimon and Gazimon has been loyal to him


Baby: Kyaromon
Rookie: Gazimon
Champion: Dobermon
Ultimate: Cerberumon
Mega: Anubismon
Bio: Gazimon was raised in the deser with other Gazimon. Gazimon came in all shades of colors... however. This Gazimon was teased for his girly purple fur. He was wandering the desert alone when he found Nova. He felt pity for the young human. Feed and watered and shaded him. The human so so nice. He was reluctant to part ways but he had to go work for Etamon. That's who he was. It was part of his job. However when Etamon planned to attack the small human Gazimon wouldn't let him! They fought but Gazimon was losing. Nova came to the rescue with a stick and escaped with a weakened Gazimon. Gazimon became Kyaromon and he felt pathetic and weak. But he felt Nova's bravery. He wanted to stay with him and feel it again. Gazimon knew it would take a long time for Nova to trust him. But he took his time and stayed loyal to Nova. Gazimon could fight on his own yes but he prefers to listen to Nova. Nova was smart and always had a plan. Nova would follow him to the end.
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I'm gonna be a tamer and digimon

i walk around looking for a digimon to fight any deem digimons welling to fight whit me?

i walk to a lake hm? i wonder who is out in this lake and wants to have a fight whit me?

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oops i forgot that photo

Yeo swims with Seadramon doing laps around the lake. then he rides on his best friend he laughs until another Seadramon strikes

(Open RP)

Name: dark
Age: 19
Gender: male
Partner: "well im a hunter i dont need a little digimon as my partner i hunt alone"
Species: human

jack was next to lake training with guilmon
Open rp
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