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Attention all #USArmy, We have Military Rings you can Personalize Online

Add your Name & Rank + Add
additional side emblems representing
your Unit, Speciality, even Previous
Deployments like: #OEF #OIF 
( 100's of side Emblems to choose from )

See more here:

#USMilitary #USA #GoArmy #US

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Let's stop the bashing, folks! Military wives ARE NOT lazy!

What kind of weird behavior do YOU exhibit when your spouse is gone?

Free info for ANYONE PCSing to Fort Stewart!

Salute to all of you, while me and my wife share this account for our business, stepping outside of the professional realm for one second, and saying how much spouses are needed in the careers of their Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, Seamen is crucial and I for one am grateful for mine (11yrs Active Army and still going, 8 years strong married) and salute, and thank you for your commitment to yours. The best of luck, to all of you in your endeavors, we hope to learn, and grasp on to all of your knowledge, as we start laying out the foundation for our venture in life, when I retire.
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