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The latest pay-what-you-want adventure from Just Insert Imagination Aliens vs Rednecks is live!

Are you looking for a short, fun and crazy game? We have you covered.

This adventure has inept aliens with super powers, lawnmower riding rednecks, beauty pageants, men in slacks and karaoke parties. Will the players be able to save their home world from a deadly plague?

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The Blackwood for the Savage Worlds RPG System
Less than 900$ away from fulfilment. C'mon boys and girls, look for some change under the sofa cushions. 

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Aaaaarh! Some people be asking for a pirate themed deck. So we kidnapped a team of graphic designers, raided a museum and forced them to design these beautiful cards. No pirate should be without this deck!
Coming soon to DrivethruRPG
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We had a good time :D , sharing this here, maybe to give other people some ideas for their own games.

The Grand Fjord (Viking Horror Fantasy, Season: 25 EXP pt characters)

Session 7 Notes: The City Warcliff, What Remains

As the party ventured deeper into the valley toward the ruins of Warcliff, Vial (Small Lizardfolk Assassin), decided to claim up the cliff face to get a good vantage point for the city below.

150' up the cliff, Vial came across a cave that smelled of death, yelling down to the party and the expedition force below that he is going to investigate, Zeb (Human Artificer) hears this and climbs up the mountain. In the mean time, Vial goes into the cave to see what made several noises he had heard. Deeper into the cave, he sees an eerie glow and the shadow of a large Lyndwyrm (Flightless Drake with no Fire Breath, with Wall Walker). Zeb comes in, making a great deal of noise. The creature was no alerted and both Zeb and Vial run out of the cave and quickly repel down the cliff face. Looking up, Zeb watched in horror as the Lyndwyrm climbed down the nearly shear wall head first with ease.

The two were able to regroup with the expedition, where Zeb was able to summon an ally with his Summoners Rod (in this case, being a "Lightning Horse" for its trappings).

The a Lightning Horse was able to hold off the Lyndwyrm while the expedition regrouped. Vial was able to climb a tree, and while the creature was distracted, successfully put an arrow into its eye while it took down the summoned ally. Zeb rushed in and struck the creature in its remaining eye (great rolls here on both accounts) and was able to put down their foe.

The expedition was able to successfully harvest the creatures meat and hide as well as several other Alchemical ingredients with ease.

The next day, Ragonbeared continued to send out patrols into the ruined city to confirm that there was no threat as they awaited the return of the other expedition party (dispatched prior to this session). In the mean time, in order to secure the Jarls claim to the thrown back in Njoregdor, one of the items that needed to be retrieved was the Axe of Doringold, said to have been inlayed with magical Runes and silver. Ragonbeard summoned the pc's and gave them directions to Doringolds Cairn, just a mile or so outside of the city.

Unna (Human Shield Maiden), Leo (Minotaur Warrior), Vial, Zeb and the Brother of Zeb (Human Priest of Aelahm), all set out for the Cairn.

The journey to the burial site was uneventful, however, when they entered the Cairn, the Brother of Zeb stepped on a pressure plate which forced the doors closed behind them, a rumble could be heard as numerous load stones behind the walls now moved into place setting up other mechanisms.

The party gets to the next door within the burial mound where a simple combination lock could be observed: There were three dials, each sporting 3 different moons, a White Moon, a Blue Moon and a Grey Moon. With a simple thought as to the lore of the setting, the party realized that this was representative of the 3 moons in the night sky, and set the order of the combinations in the order they appeared in the sky above, according to size. With the right combination selected on the first try, the party was able to continue past the stone door without incident (had they failed, poisoned darts would have showered them from above with each failed combination).

The following corridor was more treacherous. It consisted of a 50' hall with each 5' square segment containing 4 squares within. Each of the smaller squares had a Rune engraved with magical energy. At first the party was unsure as to what would happen if they stepped on one, when the Brother of Zeb recognized the runes. Some were indeed Runes of Destruction, others were not. If they were to step on them in any way, they would suffer gravely for it

To simulate this, I laid out 4 cards in the same pattern of each segment on the table in front of the group, because one of the PC's recognized what each Rune meant, I laid them down face up. In order to jump to a Rune and land without falling, assuming there was a safe one in the next 5'x5' segment ahead, the character would need to make an Agility roll each time, failure resulting in the character rolling a 1D4 to see which segment they randomly land on, with the card determining the effect:

Hearts were safe, Clubs would force the character to make a Spirit roll or become Tainted (setting equivalent of Madness), DIamonds would immediately have 1D6 Arrows shot at the character for 1D12 damage each (Shooting d12), Spades would have a large Pendulum blade suddenly swing toward them for 3D4 damage if they failed an additional Agility roll at -2.

On a Joker Result, a random card would need to be drawn the moment the character landed on it.

GM Note: Had no one in the party recognized the runes with the correct knowledge roll, then the cards would have been laid face down and they would have to choose which one they were going to step on. In the future may make these runes "Ancient Elven" and provide a -4 modifier to recognizing them or possibly add in additional "Languages" forcing multiple rolls for them.

Luckily enough the party came through the hall without too much of an issue.

They arrived in the Burial chamber itself, where in the middle, lay Doringolds Sarcophagus. The party, of course, made sure to go through the other valuables in the room before opening the Dwarfs casket. The session ended here.

Anyone looking to play savage rifts the way it is meant to be played? Now is the time to join this awesome play by post site You can play from anywhere at any time. We have 3 groups, that are either just starting or are waiting to start. Come and join our epic narrative, and vigorous out of character discussions. Savage rifts is savage worlds dialed up to 11, play by post is role playing dialed up to match.

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Aliens, beer, beauty queens and conspiracy theorists... The new crazy adventure from Just Insert Imagination tasks a group of aliens with a mission to save their planet. Will they be able to avoid capture, a hangover and abduct the right person?

Aliens vs Rednecks is one of two Plug&Play adventures on the way. 

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Fabled Environments and Yellow Piece Games are proud to announce and upcoming Kickstarter for a new Savage Worlds setting book Buccaneer: through hell and high water. The setting combines pirates, magic and wonderful new monsters along with great new edges/hindrance and other elements to create a rich new world you'll love!

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