Is anyone using Cthulhu Dark for campaign-style play, as opposed to one-shot sessions of horror? If so, how has it gone?

How does “trying again” really work?

I think I have my first question for +Graham W; it is about the rule for “trying again” the rulebook explains on page 13:

- - -
Trying again

If you included your Insight Die in a roll and you’re not happy with the result, you may reroll (all the dice).

If you didn’t include your Insight Die, you may add it and reroll.

Afterwards, look at the new result. As before, the highest die shows how well you do. And, if your Insight Die is higher than any other die, you must make an Insight roll.

You may reroll as many times as you like.
- - -

It doesn’t really work in my mind, unless you have to make the Insight rolls even if you rolled a 6 or the Insight die was the higher die in the “intermediate rolls.”

Is this how it works? Did I miss it in the rulebook?

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One of Cthulhu Dark's many fine features is that it's light enough to make handwritten character sheets easily.
The box is to put your Insight Die in.
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Insight increases as your character gains knowledge beyond the ken of men. Insight increases as the story progresses and can be used in network play or traded for items.

The Insight stat represents the depth of inhuman knowledge. Needed to ring a special bell, but induces frenzy.

When the result of the failure dice equals the highest result of the PC roll, do you consider it a failure, or a success?

Just finished running a session of Cthulhu Dark at Con of the North in Minneapolis, to some good player reviews. Going to clean up some bits of the scenario and see about posting it somewhere for others to use.

Looking like I will finally get to run the game this weekend. I've run tons of Call of Cthulhu and Trail of Cthulhu but this will be everyone's first time with Cthulhu Dark.

I'm thinking of running the Arkham 1692 adventure from the book. Any tips for running it?


I would like to discuss some report now that I mastered The Arkham 1692 adventure, but without spoiling.

It was really a great game. I could feel the adventure has been rigorously playtested. We played 5 hours by roll20 with 2 players.

A main issue I had is that I realized I was not sure when to ask for a roll. I gave clues (in italics) arbitrary, Sometimes there was no reason for a roll when the text seemed to ask for one. Was not sure what I should give freely or with a roll. Also the rolls were not clearly associated with action in fictions. It was more like they enter in a piece, and I ask for an investigation roll, or they talk to somebody, and I do the same, but the feeling was not "we make a roll because we act proactively". I realize that it's more a subjective shared impression more than something I can explain. Also, the players did not make so much insight rolls - except when there was failure involved and they miss (which by the way is a great mechanic, if we describe every reroll as new elements in the scene : it's easier to achieve full insight than die). When I had to launch the climax (end of session after 5 hours), the PC had 2 and 3 in insight.

Nothing went wrong. I pushed the failure in the final scene and the whole session was escalating and really great: it's a success.

I'm just wondering if I missed something.

Thanks for sharing experience, those who mastered the game.

EDITED : I have something else to mention. Often I asked for an investigation roll. Like they enter a room (to investigate), and I ask them for the roll. But when we need to assess wether the occupation die has to be used, they were like "but we don't know why we role". And I was like, "you roll to investigate". But this didn't help to assess then number of dices.

Planning to play one of the purist adventures originally for Trail of Cthulhu I have a question: What to do with the Drives? At least in The Dying of St Margaret´s they seem to be of big importance. All answers/solutions/suggestions are welcome!

Guess what? The game is out for non-backers!

I had no idea, don't know if anyone else was in that category. WOOO fellow non-backers, the time of K-THULU DARK is upon us! Supplication means easier absorption for He Who Dreams, so be sure to supplicate!
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