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I would like to ask that when making characters, don't choose to the be the original characters, the only reason I say this because a lot of people might want to be the original characters and unfortunately we all can't be Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst or even Lapis and Peridot.

I'm not saying you can't be a Garnet, you just can't be THE Garnet.

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Name/Gem:Padparadscha Sapphire
Nicknames:Pad, P. Sapph
Pronouns: she/her
Gem Placement: Chest
Origin: Earth
Current Residence:Homeworld
Alliance: Crystal Gems
Personality: energetic, clumsy, acts confused but is really smart, knows what's going on
Bio:She is a Padparadscha Sapphire that came out late on Earth. She was found by a small team of Gems. She took the love for an Amethyst on the team. The 2 stayed in the kindergarten to be found by 2 girls. The 4 got the some of the team back together. They found Aquamarine and told her what happened she decided to stay with the 4. They were later taken by an Agate, Pearl, 2 Topaz' and a Jasper and taken to Homeworld for a trial involving Purple Diamond, Red Diamond and Orange Diamond.
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Gem location:left hand
Powers:metal powers and controlling sharp bones
Crystal gem or homeworld:crystal gem
1 eye or 2:1 eye
Crush:padparadscha sapphire
Fav gem in the team:steven
Height:taller than pearl
Weapon:none just his powers
Eye color:black but his eye turns red as well
Favorite quote:I love fusions cause you never know of looks or personally of there fusion there my faves
Type:half gem and human
Pasts or something from back:he lost his brother during the gem war by a jasper

I want some people to roleplay as original characters I pick padparadscha, rutile, florite (srry if I spell the name wrong), rhodonite, and steven,
And the location is outside of stevens house who wants to roleplay with me?

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Pronouns: She
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Weapon: choker wand, shield
Gem placement: Chest and Stomach
Alliance: Crystal Gems
Personality: Sleepy, strong, loud, clumsy
Likes:Sleeping, running
Dislikes:dry areas
Bio:she is the fusion child of a Rose Quartz and Aquamarine. She didn't really know much about her mother. Her dad was taken by Blue Diamond and it was too late for her to save him so she didn't know what to do. She stays with her Kippo Guardian.

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Name/Gem:Rose Quartz
Nicknames:None yet
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual
Romantic Orientation: None
Weapon: Shield, Axe, sword
Gem Placement: Stomach
Current Residence:in a bubble inside of Lion
Alliance:Homeworld/Crystal Gems
Personality: Strong, a little possesive
Bio:She was the personal Body Guard of Pink Diamond. When Pink Diamond was shattered she fought in the war but was poofed and bubbled and put into lion. She still is bubbled inside of lion.
Friends: Pink Pearl

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I sat alone on a rock, reading a book
Amythest Half: I wish...
Sapphire Half: What...?
Amy Half: Nothing.
Starts Raining
Together: Well... I'm going to the temple.
walks to temple, goes to room, sits alone reading

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Name: Sophie Amy (Sophie Am-me)
Gem: Fusion of Amythest and Sapphire (Slapolite, but not THE Slapolite)
Nicknames: sophie, Mystery, Amy
Pronouns: She
Hight: 4'7
Weapon: Like sugalite's weapon but smaller.
Gem Placement: Left hand, and chest
Origin: Uncorrupted Forced fusion from beta Kindergarten
Current Resident: Earth
Alliance: Was Pink Diamond's first gem (because she didn't corrupt!) but joined the Crystal Gems.
Persona: Quiet, mysterious, acts like human
Bio: Was a forced fusion in the Beta Kindergarten. She never corrupted. Pink Diamond took her on as first gem. Soon, as Pink Diamond was shattered, Sophie Amy joined the crystal gems. She hasn't poofed, so she has no star yet.
Extra: Amythest takes over in color, but Sapphire takes over in looks.

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Name: Mist
Gem: Mystic Quarts
Age: older than time itself
Height: six foot seven inches
Weight: why does it matter?
Gender or body form: female
Gender pronouns: male
Hair color: rainbow
Hair style: shaved on one side
Eye colors: (right) blue (left) rainbow
Sexual preference: famale body
Good or bad: good
Gem placement
From: homeworld
Weapon: double sided sword
Skin tone: pale
Likes: having fun and going wild
Dislikes: sadness and snobs
Favorite color: all
Favorite food: everything
Personality: fun, kind, caring, helpful, and truly wild
Bio: Created in homeworld she had a lot going for her as a quartz but she got tired of it and went to other planets before earth. She decided to stay and try to make friends. So far no luck. However she is to determined not to give up. So she keeps trying.
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Send me pictures from Steven Universe and I'll add a song lyric
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