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Quick question. The course that's starting on the 15th, is that going to be the same material as the first, or is it a continuation of the first?

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This is my unfinished remix of the song. Due to a combination of events, I couldn't work on the last few modules of the course, but I thought why not at least post what I managed. I loved the drums of the song so I used a sample of those to build on my remix. Though I experienced a few issues with syncing the drums on the remix, overall I think I did the best I could and in the future I hope I can improve it a lot when I get the time.

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#pwymmodul6 #RanFriedensohn #modul6 #AlexRuthmann
this is my modul 6
with all learned in my head i'm going back to
simple and basic ...
thank you all
i enjoyed the PWYM very much
hope to continue and learn more and have fun with the music

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Here is my Mix for Module 5, look forward to the feedback!

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Hey guys !

Could you please listen to my REmix of Air Traffic and let me know what you think ?

I personnaly think it's not perfect and Soundation prevented me from finishing this track as once you have many channels and stuff, it's get really tedious to work with. So, some part of the track sounds a little bit "off" but making it perfect would have really really been time consuming at this stage.

Hope you enjoy it anyway ! 
Process description below :
#pwym   #claraberry   #airtraffic  

- I had the feeling this track could have many more instruments even though Clara's voice on its own is quite really good and I didn't want to have an overcrowded track. In my opinion, the track was also lacking some decent drums (probably my affinity for hiphop...) so I added some.
I added some sound effects as well for the transitions and additional effects to mix and try to blend in the whole remix together to have a final track.
I removed the original bass and the drum tracks and EFX track as well.

You'll find the .sng file here :

I am having flash issues with chrome on my MAC is there any way I could possibly get the stems for Air Traffic? Also, What key is it in?

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Here is my dynamic mix for Air Traffic Controller.  I had two goals in mind while I was making this mix.

 1). To make it sound as dreamy/ethereal as possible without  making it sound muddy.  (I had the Flaming Lips production in mind as a model throughout the process).

2). To make an original mix that was distinctly mine without adding any new instrumentation.

This is as complete of a mix as I could get.  I wanted to add more, such as volume automation to the piano.   However, the platform was becoming very unstable due to the amount of processing I added.  I lost my work twice (even after saving to the cloud server).  Anyway this is as close to the way I wanted it that I could get it.

If you have any questions about the process then please ask in the comments of this post and I will respond.  I had a lot of fun with this part of the class.

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