Hello I am notice that after changing the time in an alarm the alarm doesnt go off when it was set to. 
Also still no Nexus 7 support, although now I cant test it on it due to upgrading to the L preview.

Sorry I haven't had internet for a while.
Woofer is still not available for the Nexus 7 2013 4.4.3. 
Although the latest update is solid. It actually works. 

Hi. The the new update is a big one. Here's what i've updated:  (v1.7)

-You can now add friends, and alarms that are set to Public, your friends will be notified about them when you Snooze/Dismiss (based on your Settings) [This is a big one]

-You can add your friends by entering their usernames

-When you sync the Alarm across other devices, it plays the default song (earlier it used to not play any) 

-Fixed bugs in the create-profile page
-Fixed bug that caused screens to act weirdly one you slide. 
-Pressing the 'home' button on the Settings screen closes the activity

In the coming weeks expect:

-Bug fixes
-Major design imrpovements

Liking the new updates :). I think it is time that this app gets installed on my Nexus 7, so I can test the sync. Also what does the little running guy in settings do?

IT LIVES. Man this app is progressing so well. It is now completely able to take over the spot of my main alarm. Thank you for creating an awesome app keep up the good work. 
One question, do you by chance know when you will have 4.4.3 support ready? Why I ask is because my Nexus 7 2013 is not compatible with the app. 
Again thank you so much. This app is great. 

2 more bugs. 
No notification when alarm is done going off. So that I can tell the device I am awake.
Pressing the woofer icon does not go back to main screen from settings. 
Keep up the good work this is a rocking app. 

Hi . Ive updated the App today. Here are the changes that have been made: 
-The bug where the math answers were wrong has been fixed
-Bug fixes

Also, Ive been working on a new feature, where you can add your friends, and they can be notified in case you've overslept via a Push message (when you Snooze/Dismiss/ Dont respond to the alarm for too long - You can choose the setting)  .

Let me know if there are any bugs. What you think about this feature, and what features you'd like to see. 

Hitting the woofer icon to go back to the alarm page from the settings page doesn't work, but hitting the physical back button does. 

Hey, Ive just uploaded the new Update. It has quite a lot of improvements compared to the previous one.

-New Animations for SignUp & Login screen
-Fixed bug where alarm was not ringing at times
-Fixed volume bug in Settings Screen
-Bug fixes 

Let me know what you think about it. :)
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