Why was I kicked and stuff u told me u deleted this comunity 

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Name: Jonathon LaPierr
Nickname: Johnny
Age: 15 years old 
Gender: male
Sexuality: Straight
Date Of Birth: October 2nd
Skills: Crack shooting, and decapitating
Weapons: Henry 1860 Rifle, Ruger super Blackhawk, and a Kukri Fighting Knife
Extra: has a 1998 Toyota 4runner
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Name: Jessica Wilson
Nickname/Alias: the hunter of the east
Age: 15 years old
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Date Of Birth: may 15
Nationality: Austin Texas America
Skills: Using a Pistol and Shotgun
Weapons: A revolver and shotgun and a blacksmith sword
Extra: has pet horse name Oreo
Name: Oreo
Gender: Male
Species: Horse
Fur color : Black and white
Horse breed: pantio 
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I feel as if I'm alone laying on a large green feild under an old oak Tree sleeping. Untill you come alone (make a relationship for us EG: Freinds, family, strangers, in a relationship etc
FYI I did this rp somewhere else to XD so give me your age name and gender
Kai male 14)

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NAME: KingPearl
Agility: Uhhhh its a 50/50
Speed: 95/100
Nick name: KP
Weapon: duel axe
Gender: male
Sexuality: Normal
Date of birth: clasifide
Nationality: amarican/Irish
Basicaly back story: i walkin around i see some dude... He looked sick to sick and he started eating some random bird alive then he ran but i was fast than the other people runin so here i am... Stuck with you people

And the rest are to personal

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{Work In Progress}
Name: Jack "Scunner" Billwilder
Nicknames/Alias: Scunner
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Date of birth: {Math! XD} {working on it}
Nationality: British with a bit of Irish
Weapons: Semiautomatic machine gun
Extra stuff:

PHYSICAL description:



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Name: Alice Adams
Nickname: Midnight
Gender : Female
Race: Russian/ German
Eye color : Brown
Hair color: Black
Language: Russian German English
Height: 5'3
Weight: 97 pounds
Weredrobe: Black leather jacket and black boots gray tank top dog tag necklace
Weapon: Revolver and combat knife
Likes: weapons and Blood
Dislikes: Traitors
Pet: Black wolf name pepper
Bio: Her mother died due to cancer and she was be her father a general who control Russia she became a killer better than her father so he made her the 2nd command aka beta after years grew more powerful and meaner she got into a fight with a traitor who killed her father which she ends up killing up her uncle which German so she fled away from the soviet Union and came to America meeting a black wolf pup she keep it as a pet and name it pepper years went pass and one day she would go back to her home someday
____Pet name_____

Name: Pepper
Type: Canine
Breed: gray wolf
Fur: Black
Eyes: Gold
Gender: Female
Weight: 130 pounds
Height: 4'5

( Rules: no killing my characters and being a jerk to her and controlling them and don't steal the names and pictures and that's all plus is this good enough I can do )
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i'm in the "safe zone" stocking up on ammo and supplys with snow by my side

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Quote: '' Everyone is dead has the world gone to hell already " 
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