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Only for dev experts: so only do that if you know what you are doing. I will share with you new versions of the firmware in the comment section. I still warmly encourage you to wait for official FOTA updates via WiFi because it is much easier and less trouble than through this engineering process. If you still want to give it a try, we will support you if you mess up in the process (if you are nice). Rude people usually get what they deserve #brick :) Here is the flash tool: 

Are we going to get an update for olink? It still crashes constantly, can't use my omate as a companion device anymore and it was great ... Is there any working version or solution?

Where can I buy a spare charger for the Rise?

I tried Olink yesterday and ever since, my Rise can't handle contacts anymore: the contacts app shows a black screen, sms-app shows only numbers, no names or pictures. I rebooted the watch, but it didn't help. How to solve this issue?

Just received my Rise. Charged it overnight with my laptop
Tried turning it on. All I get is the Omate logo blinking every 10 seconds. Is there a reset? Is the watch broken right out the box?

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Hello,my omate rise had some display problem, the watch had no responsed, can tell me how to maintain it! Or can send it to Hong Kong shop for fix it .thank a log!
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The O4VC is targeted at a variety of market segments, including kids, elderly, and enterprise. Feel free to contact if you have designed a dedicated ROM or APK for these segments. 

Hello all,
I'm trying to find the entire ROM for SPFlash tools for the Truesmart+ full lollipop android 5. It seems that all the links that I have found are dead and Omate doens't answer don't know why. If somebody has it could you please share with me?
Thanks in advance.

According to your terms and conditions

incorrect voltage or use of non authorised electrical connections constitutes a violation of the warranty ( which basically can mean EVERY SINGLE charger on earth)

so may i ask for the omate rise , what is the correct voltage and where is the list of authorized electrical connections ?


my Omate Rise don't charge anymore and is now empty.

Any suggestions?

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