5 random facts about me challenge!!!!! #fiverandomfacts
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Fact #1- I am bisexual (no, I don't currently have a crush)

Fact #2- I love doing art! I am not honestly that good at it, but I enjoy it.

Fact #3- I plan my Halloween costumes in July!

Fact #4- I have a doggo named feather ( she is a German Shepard/ Shiba Inu mix

Fact #5- I am a huge nerd. I love anything to do with science, magic, sci- fi, you name it!

+I like Tumbleweeds​ I know more about these kids than you do.their family life that's why I worry about them.you seem happy so I don't worry bout you much.are you happy?.don't answer with an asshole attitude either😇

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pleas be happie
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+I like Tumbleweeds​ hi need your help finding +Shadow GamerXYT​ made another friend mad at me me sowwy 😟

Thought there was 120 members?

Hows this a fanclub? Wait what is this i didnt notice till i saw it.

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+I like Tumbleweeds​ hi 😀h where is "ea Google+", I'm supposed to download it so me lil fwiend parents say it for good people or I can't stAy.me good😋 +Internet down till June 12-15​ I'm goin back to slep I don't feel good😉

+I like Tumbleweeds​ where is you friend. +Noah Martella​ ?

+ I like tumbleweeds. Why can't I tag you ? I help you friend

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+Rose Thorne​ here is my sisters' entry!
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