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*This community seems more dead than the void is..

*...What happened?

It is said that the first human was the most innocent of them all. The kindest, the most caring, the most... determined. But where did they get it from?.... Asriel. The prince of the underground, the soon to be ruler of the kingdom. The two cherished their childhood together, running around, making people smile...

The human soon fell ill... Asriel, risked everything. But they soon passed, the kingdom was devastated. Upon the child's death, Asriel kept on promise; to bring them back to the surface. He scarificed his life, his very own soul just to get them through.

Even after his death, a few things stayed...

His compassion..

His love..

His determination

After all those years, he was still Asriel, hiding behind that vengeful flower named Flowey.

...Another child fell.. and another.. and it continues.. But one last human fell, and ended it all.

Asriel was with Chara again.

He was Asriel once more.

Chapter One: Meet Peyton Vale

The final moments of my life wasn't as glorious as they show them on the films. It was very gruesome, but still noble.They always told me that when you die, the past comes back to you. Your memories flood back as you slowly reach the end of the tunnel. I used to brush it off, I never believed those beliefs, but now I do. You're probably confused. Don't worry, I was too.

It all started on that simple morning, nothing special, nothing different. I remember reading the daily newspaper and nearly spit out the chocolate milk I was drinking. "Holy snipes..." I mumble to myself. My mom, who was ill by the time, looked at me with concerned eyes. I miss those eyes. "Are you okay?" She asks me, I hastily nod. "Of course mum! Just look at this good news!" I then practically shove the newspaper to her face, she chuckles. "Okay, calm down for a bit sweetheart." She then took the paper and started to read the storyline.

The town mayor; Larry Brooks, has stated that he is giving away a $500, 000 reward to whoever brings him the best proof of the monsters' well beings. "I wish all the participants goodluck, it may be hard to find that hole, but I know that someone will find it." Mayor Brooks states as he is asked during a meeting. Turn to page 2 for more information.

I remember mum's smile turn into a worried frown, she then sighs, puts the newspaper down on the table and cup my cheeks. "Honey, we don't need that money." Her voice was calm and caring, just the way I always loved it. "But mum! We can use the money for the treatment of your illness! You'll finally be okay!" I reason, and she rolls her eyes. "Peyton, I'm fine. I breathe, I'm still alive. I'm never going to leave you, I promise." She then smiles, it's that kind of smile that you don't want to forget. Oh how I miss her... "Promises can't heal you mum, it can only help you in your lies." I sigh, looking away. "Oh sweetheart." She then wraps me in her arms, her warmth spreads across me, I feel her soft tears on my shoulder. This almost made me want to back out, but I was hard headed. Now I regret it. "Promise me..." My mom mumbles. "Don't do it..." I sighed, and lied. "Okay mom... I... I promise." I then wrap an arm around her, crossing my fingers on the other one. Now this was the lie that I regret, this was the lie that turned my life upside down. Mum then let go, wiping her tears away, flashing me a weak smile. "Heh, anyways..." she then looks away, chuckling. "A promise is a promise, okay?" I nod. I wish it was a nod of agreement.

That night, I tossed and turned on my bed. The reward lingered in my head, but the promise tried to push it away. I sighed, got out of bed, and silently snuck into the kitchen. I then grabbed a cookie from the cabinets and poured glass of milk. I sat down on the dining room chair and started to eat. Now this was me stress eating, I didn't know what to do. My mind was in shambles, my heart was pouding, my train of thought was crazy. I remember the need to cry that night, but I didn't. You see, I would do absolutely everything for my mum, no matter what it took. She was the one who did all the labor to take care of me ever since my dad died. Breaking the promise I gave her was like breaking her heart. I sat there for what seemed like minutes, I was arguing with myself. Until I finally make my final decision. I'm going to do it.

I then opened the cabinets and started to grab food that will hopefully last me for a week; three bottles of water, and finally, my favorite pack of pixie sticks. I then head back to my room, my food in my arms. I put them down and grab my trusty backpack and start to pack up. In my mind, I knew that I was going to get grounded after this. I knew that this is going to make my mother worry a lot that it might make her condition worst. I didn't care the nonetheless, I just want her cured. I start to write her a note. I wrote why I was doing this, I wrote that was going to be okay, and I wrote that I was going to get my friend Liam to assist her. Of course, I left another note for Liam about the case. I left th house, gripping the the handles of my backpack. I was nervous, I was scared. But I kept persevering.

After stopping by Liam's house to drop the letter and climbing the mountain, I finally reached the hole. Not much people knew where this was, and me and Liam tend to keep it a secret. I then sighed, took the rope that was in my bag and tied it to a sturdy tree near the opening. I took a deep breathe, dropped the other end of the rope down the hole and took sighed. "This is it, don't you fail now." I mumble to myself as I slowly lower myseld down, clutching the rope as tight as I can. I was doing so well, until. SNAP! The rope then broke. My eyes widen, I try to grasp the one on top, but it was too late. I started to fall, my heartbeat was fast. The only thing that I had in my thoughts was Mum. She was right, I shouldn't have done this.

Then everything ended with a loud thud. Everything went black.

Chapter Two: Peculiar

Do you know the feeling of regrettion and pain? That spread through me as soon as I hit the ground. I didn't know if I was dead or if I just passed out, but I was wishing that everything was a dream. I know that when I wake up, the smell of breakfast will surround me. But I'm not always right. I open my eyes, squinting at first. Dark circles fill my vision as it adjusts to the light. My heart was pounding, my head was throbbing, and I was panicking. I was thinking that I was dead, that this was purgatory. I wanted to cry, but I didn't. I didn't break a promise to just sit here and cry, but what can I do? My vision finally clears, I adjust my glasses and looks around. I look up, bright light lit was shining through the hole, the broken rope dangles where it was too far to reach. I was confused, I made it? My brain tries to reason out the scenarios. I fell into into a 100 feet hole and I'm somehow alive, what sorcery is this? I look at what I landed on, it was a bed of buttercup flowers. Now this was ridiculous, a bed of flowers couldn't possibly break such an impact. I stood up and stretched, the pain wasn't there anymore. I look ahead of me, there was a pathway. Now my mum always told me this; "Never go into a place alone especially if you don't know what it leads to." Words to live by, but I have to break a few rules; I then take a deep breath, getting as much of courage that I can, and head towards the pathway.

I was met by a door, I was very skeptical about it. I groan, remembering that I didn't bring any defensive items with me. Now I didn't really want to hurt anyone, but safety first. I shake the thought away, I didn't come here to wimp around. I came here to save my mum. I then sigh and slowly open the door, clenching my fists as I do so. I was then met by a flower, it looked normal. There was one thing to it though, it was smiling. I shit you not, I thought that I was already dead. "Oh, hello!" It greeted me, a flower fucking greeted me. "You seem confused, are you alright?" It asked me again. "Uh... Yeah..."  I answered, confused and skeptical at the same time. "Oh, glad to hear that! Anyways, welcome to the underground!" It smiled rather cheerfully. Wow Peyton, flowers can actually be cheerful. "How... How can you talk?" I ask, I'd rather not be this confused on my whole trip down here. Who knows, I might even meet a talking piece of muffin. "Well, that's how we monsters work, everything is possible." I nod, still confused but defeated. I know that all these questions will be answered soon. "So, my name's Flowey! Flowey the Flower, what's yours?" I stiffle a laugh, what a stereotypical name. "What's so funny?" Flowey asks. "Nothing," I smile. "My name's Peyton." Flowey nods. "Anyways,since your new here. I advise you to not continue your journey." He simply said and I raise an eyebrow. "What? Why? I need to get information about the monsters well beings." I argue, but Flowey just sighs. "It's too dangerous, okay?" I shake my head. A flower isn't going to save me, I have a brain; my practical tactical brilliance should at least help me. "Look. If you won't allow me to get in there, at least help me out." I didn't want to give up. I fell into a 100 feet hole to save my mother, and a flower in't going to stop me. "What? Are you insane? You'll be dead meat if you enter these ruins!" Flowey protested. "I need to save my mother, your protests aren't going to stop me." I scowl. "Fine, so be it! Let me show you how things work down here, maybe you'll understand why I'm trying to stop you."

 My surroundings then turned black, Flowey was in front of me; he was black and white. "What the..." I was confused, I was somehow scared. White pellets appear in front of me, Flowey seemed like he was wretched; he didn't want to do this. "Duck." He then said with a raspy tone as the pellets fling toward me. I quickly duck, covering my head. Unfortunately, I got hit by one; I was hit in the arm. I hissed at the sudden pain as Flowey suddenly shot me a worried look. "G...Golly! Areyou alright?!" My surroundings came into view again as I clutched my arm, nodding "Yeah, wow..." Flowey looks down, guilt was clear in his eyes. So much for a flower. "Now that's what happens when you encounter monsters, you'll have to fight them." Now the word "fight" was out of my jurisdiction on this siuation, it didn't really seem needed. "I... Do I have to fight them? Can't I just... I don't know, dodge and run away?" I ask. "That won't help you much down here. But if you want to, sure." I nod. "Anyways, I guess I can't stop you now. The room before me is a puzzle room. I already activated it for ya'." Flowey looks down. "Oh, thanks. I guess I'll see you later." And with that, Flowey was gone. I don't know where he went, he just popped back into the ground. I sigh, clutching my backpack. I wasn't very sure of my decisions. But with his advise, maybe I can survive.

I have to survive. I want to survive.

Alright, Perseverance[V] is gone, let's get our community up for her.

_The void is a very dark place, I advise you to bring a flashlight when you go here_

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