Darrell, I never quit....suddenly the community disappeared and I was a bit confused as to what had happened.  I'm very sorry I didn't take it upon myself not to ask you.....I will be honest I was very confused as to what had happened.  Then you quit the other community and I didn't really know or understand if you were trying to get away from my group or me or what......frankly I mixed with some personal issues at Xmas time, it was a difficult day for me.  So again, I do ask your forgiveness and I believe the problem was my problem.....it's hard living one more year at xmas time without a child and I did.  It was horribly difficult once again.  I'm sorry.  Thank you for inviting me back  Like I said, I have no idea what happened to this community but I'm glad it's back and I hope we are truly friends again.

Ok....I'm going to share something I learned early when I started college.  It was a life saver even though I think I still would have done well although I believe learning this concept helped me to make almost straight A's in both colleges I went to.  The concept was one of severe repetition.....For instance, look at what teachers used to have students do when they were not following the rules.  Many times the students would have to stay after school and write on the board "I will not........." a number of times and then they could go home.  At least when I was in elementary school, that was the case.  Now, some studies were done many years ago and I read some of these studies and they described that real learning could be done via complete repetition.......writing it over and over and over again....almost like the flash card concept.  Now, when I would study for an exam, I would take the notes that I had identified that I was fairly certain would be part of the exam and I would literally write the items over and over and over again.  Then I would take the exam the next day and literally be done with it within 10 to 15 minutes except when I had to take my Calc courses.....then that was a different story. 
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