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You Adventurer/traveler decides to investigate the ancient library of infinity. while investigating you found books on a shelf. when you took that book an light earthquake came and an altar/room openend with me sealed away in time particles. not knowing i was sealed away in there you decided to go into the room, you....

State your name first.)


(Kid of superman and mrs.Falcon)




Likes:defeating evil villans


Quote-There no place i'd rather be than here kicking villain ass

Bio-hi im kevin

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Name: Skye Sweets
Nickname: Darkness
Class: Senior
Gender: Female
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Grabs a microphone and stars singing

Wanders the halls looking for my Burning Hime

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name: Emily Everlasting 
Age: 15
Grade: Junior
Gear: 6th gear
Power move: genstu final  destruction  
Family: +asuna yuuki ((sister))  +Beatrixa oblivion (( sister))
bio: i was brought in this world with out mom or dad i was born a deamon my sister's raised me till i was old enough to get the power of darkness i never seen the light and my genastu eyes (( the eyes to help darkness stay dark and control the darkness in ones heart)) no one has stopped me and i mean NO ONE    


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name: xiba oblivion 
age: 18 
grade: senor
gear: 7th gear
family: sister +Beatrixa oblivion  

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Name: Hana Asakura
Nickname: Roku
Age: 16-17
Powers: Shaman (Oversoul)
Guardian Ghost: Amidamaru
Family: Yoh Asakura ( +Ventus Namekaze​​) (Father), Anna Kyoyama/Asakura ( +Tifa Lockhart​​)(Mother), Tamamura Tamao (Godmother), Hao Asakura (Uncle), Anna III/Alumi Niumbirch ( +Black Rock​​)(Fiance)

Bio: My name is Hana Asakura I'm a shaman son of Yoh and Anna Asakura, nephew of the current Shaman King Hao Asakura. I live with a family friend named Tamamura and I'm engaged to Alumi Niumbirch. I don't like going to school all I want is to be a shaman and fight like my father and other shamans live.
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