The to begin with is to launch a competition for a group picture as we could have. The picture that is now is only temporary.

Since I believe that anyone can write in their original language, then there are translation. Or, use English if you prefer.

Self is my name Anders Stolt and have been here on Google+ since it started. Is very interested in photography but time has not been sufficient. Now I have more time to give some thought to liver, then I'm up on a transplant list for a heart replacement. So I will take the time to do what I want to do. It is an advantage when you live a little on the edge between the land of the dead and the life that is waiting for cardiac replacement.

Hope you'll have fun in the group and share your experiences and pictures here. In the future, perhaps we can also meet and take pictures together. Everyone is welcome to groups, amateurs and professionals.

Welcome to Nordic photographers.

Anders Stolt
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