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Hi guys just so you know if you have any questions comments or concerns feel free to contact me

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This is my male OC profile
Name: Tadaaki Shigecko
Nickname: Daaki ((i don't know))
Likes- Hanging out with friends, sparing, and animals
Dislikes-People who are mean or rude to his friends or sister
Bio-He is the twin brother of Takara and he is basically the complete opposite of her. He's sarcastic and definitely not as happy and positive as his sister but he does care about a lot of people he just doesn't show it and he will always have her and his friends back because no matter what he says he loves them.
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Name :Onyx Oriax
Age: 15
Height :5'10
Weight :118lb
Personally :kind loving shy
Species :human
Sexuality: ?
Likes :food darkness heat
Dislikes :hunger light cold
Bio :Onyx was that one guy that stayed in the back and said nothing but now he can talk to some people.

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Name: Linnea Stars
Nickname: Lia
Age: 16
Species: human
Height: 161 cm
Wieght; 52 kg
Personality: shy, calm, helpful, caring
Likes: cats, food, sun
Dislikes: heaters, bullys, darkness
Bio: she was bullyed for the way that she dressed so she moved to this school
Sexuallity: Pansexual
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