Could you add tag support please?
I have seperate apps to do one thing e.g. backuping, I want to tag them with 'backup', so every time I want to backup, I can use tag to filter them.

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Could you make that two separate functions? From time to time FAST has duplicate app entries or misses an app so that I have to clear the cache. But I would prefer to not loose my history every time.

Whenever I'm exiting an app via the "back" button, FAST settings appear, instead of the FAST drawer. Can we fix this?

Feature request: swipe gesture to show keyboard

Background: I would like to have keyboard off by default, so that I can see more icons directly that I can start.

But (on a big phone) it's cumbersome to reach to the top to activate the keyboard in case the desired app is not among those displayed.

So I would like to have a swipe (left or right, since up/down is taken for scrolling) gesture to activate the keyboard.

Versions 5.5 & 5.6, in trying to fix the sorting, seems to have lost the permanent app caching, & loses (& has to rebuild) that cache very often. — SOLVED! Thanks!

there is a new beta out there - again Peter Serwylo did a nice pull-request. There is now the option to sort apps by "most used"
Also there was a Feature-request by +Mark Bold that is implemented in this version. There is now the option to have 0 text lines - so no application-name text at all. 
Also this version does not use the cache folder anymore to store the index - this should prevent constant reindexing when the storage space is full.
Please let me know what you think about this version!

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v4.8 is out for beta:
 - +Peter V. implemented a Gap search - so you can type e.g. ppl to find PeoPLe - nice feature!

 - some visual changes inpsired by:

 - reducing libs so we are <100k again - reduced more than 50% of  size that way ( support lib ) - 61k to be precise

so just promoted 4.2 to production and released 4.3 as new beta - changes:
* suppress back button if FAST is the default launcher ( or the only one like at the person who suggested this change ;-)
* faster reaction on package-changes ( installs / uninstalls )

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I uploaded v4.2 as a beta - this is new:
 - feature to ignore space after query ( certain keyboards insert them )
 - option to not show keyboard on start
 - french translations
 - attack some OutOfMemory reports I got ( strangely there are a few recently from relatively new devices  - I suspect some launcher-Icons got really big )
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