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Hi All! I'm beginning to blog!  It's about time!  But writing 2 books is taking up a huge amount of my time right now.  
here's my first post on the importance of experts that guide learning.  Enjoy! and comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Hello from Australia! As Lee Fitzgerald just posted, she and Lena Fogelberg visited three GI classes yesterday - Year 10 Commerce studying "Issues in Society" and two Year 5 classes studying "Global Connections". You can see here the fabulous Syba Sign wall poster. When Lee asked a boy where he was up to in the process he answered "around yellow to green"! On the top bar of the IRC blog (address visible) is a yearly account of GI experiences here at Broughton. 

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Hi fellow GI fans,

Greeting from Down Under... Yesterday, Lena Fogelberg visited Alinda Sheerman and me at Broughton College, where Alinda has a very extensive Guided Inquiry program.  We sat and talked GI all day, thought about what we're up to in Australia, the very interesting approach Lena is taking with her teachers are her school, and it was a fabulous GI day..

We thought what IS there in support for GI around the world?   Found this community today, and joined up.  Alinda and I have a community here in Australia, which a lot of people have joined.  It's at, if you are interested.
Lee FitzGerald

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Links to all my webinars- great for pd sessions 
webinars | lesliekmaniotes

Hi everybody! Here's a link to the archived webinar from Tuesday! Enjoy! Post comments here to share thoughts and ideas!

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Thinking about how to Open inquiries - Found this LOVELY set of interviews of local Colorado immigrant stories!  Have a listen...

Book clubs are a common way schools are introducing the ideas of Guided Inquiry Design in PD sessions.  Let me know if you want to have a book club for your group, school or district and I can get you a bulk rate for copies purchased!  

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Some great photo documentation of a wonderful 3 days at Rutgers this July- some great teams coming together to learn and design Guided Inquiry for their students this year! Congrats all for hard work!  It was wonderful to meet you all!
Rutgers Guided Inquiry Institute 2014
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updates and new resources for Guided Inquiry!  SybaSigns has some really cool stuff for you!  go check out the links under NEW! :)

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Syba Signs has made some Amazing Guided Inquiry Design Posters!  I just got my set and they are beautiful!
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