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北海又有一批点上线了, 将近20个了, 达到了广州前期的po数量

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相继第二第三第四个po也邮件提示通过了,(南珠宫 北海火车站 海底世界)

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为了纯净的人类 为了蓝色的地球
A day to remember among Ingressers in Pearl River delta in Guangdong, China. Resistance captured nearly 1.1 million MU in south China. 
#ingress   #resistance   #ingressChina   #ingressreport  

With the cooperation of 3 teams, we created one single field that covers 1,069,878 MUs. This field is connected by portals in Guangzhou, Foshan, and Dongguan. At this hour (GMT+8 16:30), the field is still alive and 30 million people are now bathed in the sea of blue.

The credit goes to:
Assault Team in Dongguan
- Lv7 Mephi +米非
- Lv5 iamppj +林伯

Assault Team in Foshan
- Lv6 Muyou +殷无用
- Lv5 jayfallen +Jay Fallen
- Lv4 RenneF +Renne F 

Defensive Team in Guangzhou
- Tactics: Lv6 HOwardL +Howard Lee 
- Communication: Lv5 ittop123 +Shiyuan Chen
- Technical/Map creation: Lv5 leaveschan +leaves chen 
- Lv4 lzsong +song Lz 
- Lv4 Morgan00 +Morgan Zhang 
- Lv4 Showlee +Jinfeng Li 
- Lv4 VitaminK +Keemen Chiu 

And I want to thank those who left for Chinese New Year holidays but provided enormous support in leveling and armory. Without them, this initiative will not be feasible. 
- Lv6 coldblood +ye huo 
- Lv6 SilenceC +Silence Chan 
- Lv6 Jasonimg +Jason Wang 

Happy Chinese New Year to you all! Kung Hei Fat Choy! 

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新建12个新po 特建此群等待北海的各位玩家,希望小城市也不要寂寞,,,
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