Dr. Hendrix can you kindly send me the midterm via email. I am trying to download it from blackboard but it is saying Microsoft Word has encountered an error in trying to open the document. None of the recommended tasks are working. My email address is marisa.flanders@gmail.com

Thank you

These are Summer I for one Summer II for the other!!!

I am Teaching EDU-566 Ethics and Professionals Issues In Counseling & EDU-588 Advanced Human Development!!!

I really enjoyed being with you guys I am teaching one Summer Session I class and one Summer Session II class will let you know.

Power issues here on St Croix have kept me from getting things on Blackboard, good news is that by tomorrow night all will be up. More good news I have authorization to use both Adobe connect or BlackBoard Connection to use my office and have class with you guys on a day you are able to gather in a room. More good news is that Spring I will be coming to St. Maarten 4 times next semester :-) 

So basically you have one more article and the final and you will have till grade day which I believe is December 10th, all have a great weekend. Dr. S

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Last lecture for a while, I will put all the remaining articles up on Black Board including your finals, so you can finish this semester at your leisure.

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Hi guys and a good night to you in beautiful St. Maarten tonight I will put up the latest shorter lecture videos, and on Black board will post the remaining articles for the rest of the semester. I hope all of you are doing well.
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