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Hamburger Paragraph for Writing

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NGSS CCC: Patterns

My Super Scientists in grade 3 at Tiogue just finished completing the "Going Deeper Lab" in the Environmental Traits Stemscope.They pretended they were an animal that did not have a paw that moved. They designed an object to help them feed themselves in this changed environment. We used macaroni and marshmallows as our food. It was a great learning experience for all of us! Donna Raptakis:)

Hi everyone,
I have completed the Sound and Light scopes.  I found some wonderful resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. Check it out.
I have decided to organize all of my scope in separate binders with tabs dividing each Illuminate, hook, activities, etc.  I place books (recommended reading) that I have ordered from Amazon into the pockets.  Everything will be there the next time I teach that Scope.
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