ok so I'm trying to find a way to post stories other than copy/pasting them on here...so with a link. any ideas?

My story is here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/50264405-songdream-magic-in-her-fingertips

Ok so this is part of a series called the Ascension Line but I haven't decided what to call this installment yet anyway here's the summary:

After a war with mind controlling space parasite Humans were eradicated over 200 years ago the war was won 30 years ago by the Androids they left behind and they have begun the process of returning life to the earth.
At 16 Jesse is the oldest human on earth and spends most of the day looking after the kids of the settlement but when a young boy wonders in from the wastes claiming to be biologically born and on the run, Jesse discovers the existence of their settlement is a secret and most Androids dont want to return to the servitude of humans.
Refusing to hand the boy over to his pursuers the two escape into the wastes to find the ruins of Magicore, where he came from along the way they will discover the truth behind the 200 years war, the hidden shadowy factions survived it all and the secret that threatens to undo an ascension thousands of years in the making.
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