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Woodley vs Thompson. Who wins?
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Name:javan Robinson (also called gothboy)

Weight: 150 lbs.(middleweigth)

Height:5 ft , 6 in.

Marking:on my hand/black -like dragon


Characteristics:mean , violent , flirty , and smart.


Eye color: brown

Hair color:black

Bio: javan has a hot passion for speed, to a point where it extends to everything in his life. He considers himself "faster than lightning", and has a very low tolerance for anything or anyone he perceives as being too slow. In any situation he finds himself in, he never loses his confidence, especially when it comes to Sarah, his friends, or his racing career.  was born and raised in Ireland, as was his sister, Anna.From a young age, both were taught various forms of martial arts such as assassination martial ar TS, hapkido and koppojutsu.Both admired their father, a former assassin Richard Williams, which caused a sibling rivalry between the two as they crave and compete for his attention.after his family betrayed him and was locked up for a crime he didn't commit, Javan broke out and headed for the hills.unable to go back as himself, Javan headed east..

Richard Williams(deceased)

Crush: unknown


Dislikes: stupidity,weakness,and water

Endurance 9/10

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Throw a stick against a tree, like a spear. a spear that continues to vibrate..

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March of WARRIORS - Full Video
Vengeance Productions
Created by Joel Mosley & Zachary Gray
Music - Instrumental Core

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from the street fight to kime, maximum concentration of power and decision...

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from the street fight to kime, maximum concentration of power and decision..

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