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name rose marry 
age 11
house slythrien
quidditch rank seeker 
personality gentle and caring like lily but secretive like snape
wieht  dunno
hieght dunno
likes books and potions
dislikes death eaters
blood pure and proud 
pet artic wolf named lily in pic
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I feel sorry for Professor McGonagall now. Imagine her frustration.

~Lexa the Starcatching Shadowhunting Seeker

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Slytherin tryouts!

Can I teach charms?

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Name: Emma Brunstun
Age: 11
House: Slytherin
Quidditch: Keeper+Captain
Personality: Teacher's pet, smart, mean
Pet: Owl

HP Role Play is great, but a student run school is pretty confusing, we need people to become professors and Head Boy and Girl. People that will welcome new students to there houses and show them around. 

Anyone interested in playing on the Ravenclaw team comment here.

If it's OK with everyone I would like to be quidditch captain (I'm a seeker).

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Name: Yuki Fukui
Age: 14
House: Gryffindor
Quidditch rank: Seeker 
Personailty: Yuki is quiet and a bookworm, she studies hard but never brags about what she does, shes kind and cares for anyone who doesn't insult her.
Weight: 115 pounds
Height: 5'6
Likes: Kind people, books, any kind of class, making friends, gryffindor, ravenclaw, hufflepuff (she loves almost every house)
Dislikes: Slytherin, people who insult mud bloods, liars, rude people, 
Blood: Full blood.
Pet: An owl named Gizmo
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