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Enjoy Female Dentistry Services That You Can Count On

We provide the finest dentistry services with an all-female staff. It’s true. No men, just women. You have the choice to choose between a female and male doctor, especially when choosing a primary care physician. It works the same way with a dentist – you have the power to choose. Why do we have an all-female staff? It was our choice, which isn’t a knock on male dentists. Some people prefer a female staff as opposed to a male dominated one. When you visit our office in Issaquah, WA, you’ll notice a big difference in how we approach dentistry and provide care for our patients.
An Interesting Historical Perspective
Before 1970, only 3.3% of women were American dentists. Most of them struggled to obtain degrees and establish practices, let alone gain the respect of their male counterparts. Four names stick out in the history of female dentistry that you should learn about: Clara W. MacNaughton, Vida Annette Latham, Leonie von Zesch, and Jeanne C. Sinkford. Each of these female dental pioneers helped change the face of the profession forever. Their influence is felt even to this day. These women and many others had many hurdles they had to leap over, including receiving professional training. They also had major difficulties being accepted by male dentists and couldn’t gain memberships in any professional dental organizations.
As a result, women formed their very own organizations that helped them develop their own professional identities. They could discuss papers on their dental research, share tips, offer recommendations and more. Of these organizations, one of the most powerful still exists today – AAWD (American Association of Women Dentists). These wonderful organization helps promote female dentists by offering helpful assistance and incorporating a forum where women can reach out to other professionals discussing several dental topics.
You can Count on Our Staff To Deliver Beautiful Results
Whatever services or procedures you need to help keep your smile looking and feeling beautiful, our staff can help. Our dentists, Dr. Alexandra Cristescu and Dr. Whiteny Bator, would love nothing more than to give your smile the beautiful look it deserves. Whatever service you need, we can handle it. You can trust us to help keep your family’s oral health in fantastic shape throughout the years. If you’re ready to enjoy the best dental services around, we invite you to check out our office in Issaquah, WA. If it’s a female difference you’re looking for, see us today!
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