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Everyone plz add +Olivia Stull she's a very good friend
She's kind hearted funny lovely
Add her u will know the value of friendship
Shout outs !!??

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loving life is red

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Hey Swifties!
Please follow +Team Taylor! :) 
We don't have many followers so your support means the world to us!
We post everything Taylor! Updates, pictures, videos, facts, anything! 
Thanks! <3

i am leaving the community but coming back in my swiftie account i just created it

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Hello! +The Taylor Swift Fan Page is doing a Summer School competition about Taylor Swift. The latest project is to manage a T.S account and whoever gets the most followers gets 100 points. Can you please follow our page? I promise that you won't regret it! 

I am from the I Knew You Were Trouble Dorm
I will add you back! Promise! 
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