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Do you all need a zoro

I'm leaving g+....


Is reading a book that tells where all active pirates are, the tree im sitting near starts to smoke

Hey everyone you can not kill a dragon unless u have dragon slayer magic +kazuma takada +KingKazma/ Sky Kaze +That Guy At Micyd's 

Can u not all be fuckin ghostin 

Training   Strength and speed

First i sit there sipping a cup of joe and eating a biscuit to start off the morning. Next, i get a fishing pole and walk to the beach to go bottom fish fishing.Once i get a bite i pull out a 800 pound fish and put it on a home made huge bbq. then i cook it eating my fill and share with my flying cat COCO. I sit there watching the clouds in aw and enjoying the perfect temperature and then i hear something behind me in the bushes and check it out. It is a pirate looking at me with a weird look. i ask what hes looking at and he just gets up and runs and i turn around enjoying the rest of my day with my talking cat COCO.

OLd strength:5     New strength:6

Old speed:3             New speed:4

Hey everyone I just wanted to let u know I'm no longer apart of one piece / fairytail I have my own community it's call things I fucking hate if u wanna join all u have to do is click my profile pic in you'll see my community

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