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After some time we want to introduce the new Diaro beta with a redesigned Dropbox sync using files, a faster Diaro Online and highly improved Diaro apps for Android and iOS and would like to invite you to test it.

Try Diaro Online BETA:

Download Diaro app beta version for Android here:

To download Diaro app beta version for iOS, contact us at

Please note that these Diaro app beta versions work only with Diaro Online BETA.

Are their any plans to include a template feature to the app?

The main idea is that when you go to create a new entry that there is some text already in the "entry text" area that could stay there or could be deleted.

I figure some people might want different templates to use. Myself I only need one base template.

Just so people know, this app is very good and does appear to be 'alive' and updates are still happening. What does appear to be dead though is any form of interaction with the developers, on any of the platforms that they have a social presence on. They are simply not bothering with social platforms, hopefully because they are much too busy for it.

I asked a simple question 20 weeks ago. I copied the same question to FB and sent it. No answers at all, and it seems I am not alone either on here or FB.
There is no point in publishing that you are available on these platforms if you are not actually available.

In that time in fairness updates to the app do seem to be happening anyway, although not curing the issue I highlighted, so given the app and its functionality suits me otherwise I will soldier on. Just don't expect to be able to ask questions and get any ideas of when problems might be addressed.

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Want to clear up something about the web tag interface inconsistency and ask if you are intending to change this at all.

On both my tablet and phone apps, when editing an entry and I press the tag slector, a box comes up that lets me choose an existing created tag or has a '+' for creating a new one.
On the browser version however, clicking the '+' next to the word 'Tag' only lets you select from any existing tags, so you must close this window, add the tag to your collection, then go back and open the selector to add the new tag.

Although not a hard issue to workaround really, I do find it annoying, especially if I normally choose to do longer entry edits on the PC and so use the tag creation more often on this interface.

Thanks for reading.

How do you sync your stilo stylus to this app

Hi! I need to compress photos because I add a lot of photos, every month. Is it possible? I like this app very much. Thanks!

Hi ! I need to add .pdf and not only photos in entries... :( can you help me ?

Sync with Google Drive is a much awaited feature 😊

Love this app!!!!! It is so simple to use.
A few things would be a plus:
- Ability to add comments to the photo's.
- Option to automatically compress images to a predefined format.
- Sync with google drive.
- Export to csv.
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