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Hai! I'm new here! I joined a community like this, but there's not much activity, and not many people post, so I decided to join another one and see if there more activity going on! :D

Warrior Name: Fawncreek

Name Reason: 'Fawn' because of her fawn colored pelt, and 'creek' because she was born near a creek, and sometimes her pretty blue eyes can change into a blue that will remind you of a creek at night

Current Name: Fawnkit

Gender: She- cat

Age: 4 moons old

Clan: Oceanclan

Rank: Kit

Future Rank: Warrior

Positive Traits: Fast, quick learner, cheerful, curious, makes other cats feel better at bad times

Negative Traits: Skittish, thinks to deeply about something, makes a little problem into something bigger which will cause her to have some anxiety from time to time

Appearance: _Fawnkit is a fawn colored tabby with pretty blue eyes, that change color at times of different lighting, and caramel stripes, but barely visible to other cats

Hobbies/future hobbies: napping near a creek, basically near water, fishing, hunting with friends, cheering cats up, playing with kits

Swimming: 6/10

Climbing: 4/10

Stealth: 5/10

Speed: 5/10

Speed In Water: 8/10

Jumping: 4/10

Attack: 5/10

Defense: 5/10

Sight: 5/10

Hearing: 6/10

Smell: 7/10

Balance: 5/10

Loyalty: 100/10

Trustworthiness: 100/10

Hunting: 5/10

Mother: Lilypetal (open role)

Father: Riverclaw (open role)

Brother(s): Splashkit (open role) [ Splashkit is just a white tom with blue gray splotches on his fur ]

Sister(s): Leafkit (open role) [ Leafkit is just a brown tabby with leaf patches on her fur ]

Crush: Too young

Mate: Too young

Kits: Too young

Quote: " More Water Will Flow Before We Join Starclan. This Is Not An End. This Is A Beginning. You Will Need The Courage Of A Lion To Face This Journey." - Erin Hunter

Theme Song:

Favorite Season: Summer

Likes: seeing her clanmates happy, and cheering up her clanmates

Dislikes: seeing her clanmates sad

Zodiac: Capricorn ♑


_The miscellaneous section will be updated at a later time_

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Name: Deerstep
Gender: Tom
Clan: FireClan
Rank: Warrior
Age: 2-3 years

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First picture
Name: Stormpaw
Age: 8 moons
Gender: Male
Bio: Enjoys spending time with Aspenpaw. Stormpaw most of the time voided all cats except Aspenpaw.

Second picture
Name: Dovepaw
Age: 8 moons
Gender: female
Clan: Shadowclan
Bio: Loves to tackle and hunt always sneaking up on warriors giving them a quick scare before dashing off.
Third picture
Name: Maplepaw
Age: 8 moons
Gender: female
Bio: Calm kitty, she has no bio.

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Name: Silverstripe
Age: 45m
Gender: male
Kits: Dovepaw, Stormpaw, Maplepaw,
Mate: Whitefur
Clan: Shadowclan
Bio: grew up with his father hating him for being a silver cat. He then met Whitefur who loved him for who he was not his fur color. They then had 3 kits, who are now apprentices (I'll make Whitefur, Stoneheart, and ALLL their kits profile pictures in a min)
Siblings: Mintleaf (dead) Stoneheart (alive)
Parents: Snoweye, Nosefur,

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Name: Whitefur
Age: 32m
Gender: female
Kits: Maplepaw, Stormpaw, Dovepaw
Mate: Silverstripe
Clan: Shadowclan
Bio: grew up with her two siblings playing leader and warriors and mossball.
Parents: Cherrywing, Mouseclaw (both dead)
Siblings: Gleamstar, Darkpelt.

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Name: DarkenedSky
Age: 26 moons
Rank: Warrior
Clan: MoonlightClan (if accepted)
Mate: _____
Personality: Nice but sarcastic and sometimes rude
Family: Abandoned
Bio: was abandoned near Clan border, was found by patrol

waiting for acceptence

Age: 7 moons old
Bio:stonepaw is a gray tom with one blue eye and one white eye he was blind in one when he was born.
Personality is loyal to his clan and his brave and follows warrior code and some time has a bad temper

Age 7 moons old
Bio:stonepaw is a tom with one blue eye and one white eye he was born with one blind eye
Personality loyal to his clan and is brave and follows the warrior code and sometimes has a bad temper

Any one want roleplay
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