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It is a cool dark looming night. The moon flickers throughout the trees as a beautiful white and black spotted cat moves swiftly down the forest. It's paws brushing against the leaves and distant howls from the wolves reaching her ears. She rounds the corner and finds a den full of cats. Meow

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Name: Dawnspirit
Gender: She-cat

redstar walks out into the clearing let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather for a clan meeting. ((this is for the new deputy))

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all from super editions before firestar.
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tallstar (windclan)
jake (kittypet)
snowfur (thunderclan)
oakheart (riverclan)
yellowfang (shadowclan)

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Here is my profile for Starclan...
Name- Gingerstar
Gender- Female
Former Clan- Moonclan
Rank before death- Leader
Cause of death- Died killing clanmate that was going to kill me to become the leader
Short story of my life- I used to be a kittypet and then my brother had a dream about a clan so I went out to make one. I met with Skyclan and a cat named Echosong told me it was destiny to be a leader. So, I made Moonclan loooong ago with the help of a rogue named Smoketail. Then, there were foxes that came and killed Smoketail who was my deputy also and I didn't choose a new deputy because I was so sad. We also didn't have a medicine cat so that wasn't good. Then, I had 2 kits, Whitekit and Lightkit and there was a fire and sadly Lightkit didn't make it to the Skyclan medicine den and went to Starclan (the evil clanmate actually murdered her but I thought it was the fire). While I was gone, a clanmate named Ollie (the evil clanmate) took the other kit and wanted to be deputy so bad that he would have to take my lives. Then, that's where I tell one of my clanmates that if I don't return in a moon, he is leader. So, I kill Ollie trying to protect my clan and kit and Ollie kills me too.

The picture is me, Smoketail and the kits btw.(and yes, I drew this)

my starclan cats

Name: rabbitear
Pelt: gray-black pelt with white ears.
Gender: tom
Rank at Death: elder
Former Clan: moonclan
Age at Death: 72 moons
Mate: none
Cause of Death: old age, leaf-bare

Name: heartkit
Pelt: brown tabby
Gender: she-kit
Rank at Death: kit
Former Clan: thunderclan? or moonclan
Age at Death: 2 moons
Mate: none
Cause of Death: cold leaf-bare and not enough milk

Name: Icestar?
Pelt: light gray and white
Gender: tom
Rank at Death: leader
Former Clan: moonclan,
Age at Death: 50 moons
Mate: roseheart
Cause of Death: battle with rouges

My StarClan cats.

Name: Featherfur
Pelt: Light Grey, with white grizzled tips and darker points. Green eyes
Gender: Female
Rank at Death: Medicine Cat
Former Clan: MoonClan
Age at Death: 45 moons
Mate: None
Cause of Death: Enemy Invasion

Name: Heathershade
Pelt: Light brown and black, with darker brown markings. Blue eyes
Gender: Male
Rank at Death: Deputy
Former Clan: MoonClan
Age at Death: 52 moons
Mate: None
Cause of Death: A rat bite that got infected due to lack of proper herbs

Name: Rowanleaf
Pelt: Dark grey and brown, with black flecks. Green eyes
Gender: Female
Rank at Death: Elder
Former Clan: MoonClan
Age at Death: 63 moons
Mate: None
Cause of Death: Respiratory Failure, after breathing smoke in from a fire saving kits during her warrior years

((+Ken Lehrer))
Frostfur sits just outside the medicine den waiting for Redclaw
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