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A basic rundown of the app and the community:

What is Iconstructor?
An app that let's you make custom icons/icon packs.

How can I find it?
Here is the link:

How do I report a bug?
Crash reports are send automatically through Google Play (if you haven't disabled them), but for other bugs please post your problems here or email me at

How can I help make this app great?
Post pictures of the icon packs that you make, share the app, post ideas for new features.

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I'm back! Newest update has been pushed to the play store.

Here's what to expect:
- Fewer crashes (bug fixes detailed in changelog)
- Export apk in the background
- You can use app color in stroke now
- 196 new icons

Next update will probably target UI and make the app easier to use, but I'll try and get some new features added as well.

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😭 please come back
Look how cool these icons are! I need more!

Hello, I like the app (idea) but when I try creating an apk I keep getting the message 'Parse error: There was problem while parsing the package', which appears after the 'signingak' process.

I've tried uninstalling, rebooting, then installing afresh but still get the same issue.

I'm running Android 4.4.4 with Nova Launcher. Has anybody else had this problem, or just me?

Any help, please.


What i would like to do is give each installed app his own icon from a png. And where i dont have a png use a template and copy the original app icon onto it. This is how standard icon packs have work.

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Here's one. These 2 aren't good by any means. But I just wanted to share a couple ideas. One tool that should be taken advantage of is adding an image. Here I just kinda made a zig-zag. Just make sure whatever app you use the image is 256×256 and don't crop it down then just use an app like background eraser to make the rest transparent and export it as PNG.

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Just a quicky I made, realize its harder to make out the application on the screenshot. Once you take advantage of layers and shape placement though, there's really a lot you can create.

Couple things I noticed or maybe I'm doing it wrong but when you duplicate an image it seems to make the 'new' layer and the original layer both change if you attempt to edit one or the other. Also when adding any flat single color icon pack to my available icons they don't show up. I've tried Flight, flight dark, lines, lines dark, min & minoir.

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Pushing update 1.5 later today. Lots of good stuff included

Huge update (version 1.5):

So many changes that I had to rewrite the app's changelog so it could fit everything.

Lots of internal changes in APK build process, so there might be some crashes there, if you have problems with that let me know. Checking "use old build process" in the app's settings should temporarily fix that.

Added 216 icons
Added ability to use additional base icon packs (see settings)
Pixelate filter added
Added 3 new styles to presets- Pixelate, Simple Pixel, and Saturate
Fixed crash on "use icon pack" button clicked
Hopefully fixed app crash caused by buying pro key (think it\'s fixed but couldn\'t recreate the problem)
Fixed crash caused by pressing "add layer" while on a layer other than the top one
Started switching layer focus (or rather, keep focus on the layer we\'re moving) when moving layers up or down- feels much more natural
Added loading to icon request tool so it doesn\'t seem like it crashed
Performance improvements to load EditActivity faster (flattened layouts, faster bitmap)
Added message to indicate that no styles are currently saved
Reworked save system- now you can overwrite old styles
Totally overhauled APK build system to allow more robust editing capabilities
Added a settings tab
Added a few more generic icons
Added ability to replace unthemed apps (and fixed replacing normal apps too)
Improved icon masking- draw shadows and such around unthemed icons
Added tinting to unthemed apps
Update a few old icons
Updated alphabet icons
Added number icons

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Something that I'm especially looking forwards to in the next update- icon tinting for unthemed apps.

Tons of new stuff coming in the update that just became possible with the new APK build system- use base icons from other solid-color icon packs, way better icon masking, and lots of other small things.
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