I am going through a workers compensation open case. I was awarded lifetime housekeepers service to be paid by my employer insurance company. on 10-5-15, per the insistence of there adjuster it was ordered that I be provided with a LICENSED, BONDED,INDURED, housekeeping service. I n Dec 2016, I was provided housekeepers services by a DANAS HOUSEKEEPING, whom I found out due to inappropriate suplies, vacuums mops etc. and I sustained a horrible fall with severe injuries due to the housekeeper using high gloss furniture polish on my wood floors, I had a large egg size bump to my rt. side of head, severe black eye and rt.side of my face, requiring a cat scan, and bruised sturnm severe bruised rt armpit and rt. upper arm with,and my rt. breast as well. severe swelling and a rotator cuff tear on the rt side. I contacted Danas Housekeeping and was told that they are only a brokers for housekeepers and have NO INSURANCE OF ANY KIND. My daughter came over and she too immediately fell instantly caused a black severe bruised lt. knee cap and severe swelling and pain. I again fell in June 2017, due to the housekeeper repeated leaving the trash in the doorway, I again told her the danger and I moved it away from the front door, only to walk out and fall flat down on my brick porch, due to she had pizza boxes there,that I didn't know she had trash there. I had a total knee replacement in October 2
016, and along with the multiple abrasions and bruised legs ,knees and elbows I have been having severe pain and require physical therapy, and possible knee replacement done over.
Since these injuries to myself and my daughter', my workers comp attorney stated that I need to obtain a third party attorney for the injuries obtained from the employer insurance company as they hired the company. I would greatly appreciate your help in obtaining an attorney that can help me. I have all the information you need regarding the employer insurance company and medical records, which I required immediate medical care and my personal insurances were billed. I am still unfortunately going thru severe pain
Rose,Klein and Marias are my workers compensation attny Angelina Romero. My name again is SANDRA LOBATO 6888 RovatoPl Rancho Cucamonga Ca 91701, 909 493-1098

For 2A Followers: The following is the text of our proposed amendment to the California Constitution. It will be voted on by the public at the next general election if we obtain enough signatures on our petition in time. "The fundamental right of every person to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Nothing in this section shall prevent the Legislature from enacting general laws penalizing the possession or use of arms in the commission of a crime, or limiting the rights of convicted violent felons or those adjudged mentally incompetent or a threat to themselves or others."

We are also adding parental rights to a jury trial, 7A, before legal rights to your child can be taken from you and more details can be found at RaiseYourRights.org
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