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What should be episode 1?
+Armondew 9000!
+butter samuri
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Armondew 9000 vs Over 9000 Vegeta
BO0OTMANM@@@ vs Spoderman
No scope Mario vs Sanic

Flutch turtleson.

Speed- 999
fighting skill-70

Flutch is so fast he traveled the whole universe in 5 nanoseconds. he is strong enough to kill the illuminate is only 10 hits and with his dew blade he can rip THE UNIVERSE HALF with 1 hit and he is durable enough to survive the blast. he was trained by THE ILLUMINATI
 to be the most powerful of all time. and his training was successful
.how ever he is weakened by the ultimate meme destroyer and a substance called meme stone

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name: fuck it's self t-rex
height: meme
length: WTF
weight: :(
part: t-rex <---- just trash
Feats: become the I-rex or the V-rex, ate a computer and all most die, played Mario, out ran a wagon, able took take blows from Dino Dan, really why, able too talk, fly, can kill Jonny test, can shoot fire from mouth, fought the most strongest Godzilla incarnation and kill him in one shot, solo meme free 4 all, and meme movie
Strength: WTF
speed: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
reaction:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
durability: why
bite: Fuk u, -> don't want to be rude to anyone ok
IQ: emoji
regeneration: as good as donal, I forgot his name
Origin: LOL      

Guys this is a meme fight. If your meme didn't make it in the free 4 all, here it is.
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