I am getting ready to roll out beta support for offline event saves :) I have created a new "Beta" for Android that you can enroll into with: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.refractored.meetupmanager

Allow filtering by signed in and not signed in. We get 15-25 people at events. I would like to filter out who has checked in so i can see who remains.

As before cache member list for offline access but also support syncing of who went, did not go and did not show up to meetup site when online.

Provide messaging to selected members from signup list. If members in contacts allow nessaging by text and/or email in addition to meetup messaging.

Display names and pics in 2 columns to double people per screen.

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Screen format is wrong on my 6S with iOS 10.0.2

Is there a way to save the check-in list in case I don't have data access at the meet up location. I would like to be able to use the check-in without the need for data connection.

How do I show only events that I organize. The settings show all meetups to which I belong

Are non admin members allowed to check in for others?

How do I limit number of people for an event and create a wait list?
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