For those who are browsing through, the unjust actions that have had harsh implications on someone who have been falsely accused because the spouse has a less than stellar reason or implication on the actions or words directed to bringing down the prior or current "spouse" involved in the accusation. More often than not is for monetary gain or morality gain to undercut the other half or "spouse" at the time or prior to the accusation. Due to the majority of the public or government in favor of the mother regardless of the reasoning or factual information the "victim" false cry for assistance has been vastly over looked. I have been there first hand for the corruption and the falter of the government and judicial system causing another hole in the perception of the way the law approaches and handles the bigger issues.

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for those of you who would like information and would like to be able to donate to this charitable fund, please go to US Bank..... and make sure to say the name Marcus Doshier OR you can also send a check in the mail with the name Marcus Doshier and the amount you would like to donate to: 139 E Pine St, Central Point, OR 97502

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We need donations for the Marcus Doshier Defense Fund.

I welcome all those who are interested in the cause and haven't had the pleasure of getting to know the situation and why it is being fought for. This is to get Marc home so he can be around his loving wife and his family who will support him after the worst day of his life. His ex wife was able to lock him in prison for life by convincing their children that horrific acts had happened to them blaming the father. Now we have banded together to raise money and morale to get him home to fight the case.
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