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We have added photo filters to Looxie! Just three for now, but more are coming soon!


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OK guys and gals, it's out! The first stable release is in the Play Store with HUGE battery life and bandwidth savings, a redesigned interface and more features than ever!

Level up by capturing venues & getting likes from fellow users! Be our Featured Reporter of the month! Get swag!

Looxie will soon be receiving a huge update in the Play Store in preparation for the public release next week! We have added lots of stuff, refined search, push notifications, more animations, the works! Please test and get back to us with your bugs! Thanks!

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Looks like wakelock issues.
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Oh, and following my previous comment — a feature request, by the way.

Implement geofencing ( so that if I have looxie requests I've not responded too, a reminder pops out when I leave and then re-enter the area (e.g. saying something like "A user from Cyprus is still curious what's around you")

Hi! I actually dig the idea even though I haven't responded to my single Looxie request yet (I usually forget about it until I get home, and there's nothing interesting at my home).

However, I encounter a crash (Nexus 5, Android 6.0.1) each time I press back from the camera (i.e. change my mind and don't want to take a looxie).

Hello, testers! We are currently working on adding push notifications to Looxie. Your looxies, now right on time!

Hey Looxie testers! Looxie is back with a new stability update, soon rolling out via the Play Store!

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Our gorgeous, location-based photo request app Looxie (that is currently in beta test) just got a new update. Join the beta test here to learn more:

A tip to all Looxie field agents: To capture a location, you have to be there! Looxie automatically captures the coordinates and enters the venue in the database, making it searchable to other users in the process. Thanks!
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