The Libertarian Movement is the Movement of our founding fathers, it's the movement of liberty!! Own your body! Own your mind! Listen, you CANNOT fix the economy! Trump is a scam artist! Ever heard of the power of persuasion? Subliminal Motivation? He is the 1% man!! Hillary is extension of Obama, not to bad, and probably going to jail for violating national security!! The Government isn't the banks, Reagan privatised it all, so all they can do is borrow!! You understand? The banks have NOTHING of VALUE to back up the paper note. It used to be gold, but the gold standard has been gone since the 40s! You understand? So the Government prints a promissory note, the bank prints money, and they swap! Period!! We borrow a billion, they print a billion in paper money, then we have to pay back two billion, so a billion doesn't even exist, this is called interest, we can fluctuate interest rates to create bubbles, but in order to find equilibrium the invisible hand raises the interest rates, but nobody will let that happen, a crash or recession is necessary for the economic philosophy to work, but the fed drives the rates now, the bubbles get bigger and bigger, like the real estate crash, we are now talking negative interest rates, the whole world is under this paradigm, believe me. Socialism is Nazi shit, period! The world is changing, sides are being taking,we can't continue a trillion dollar a day debt, LISTEN MAAAAAAN!! The Libertarian Movement is the movement of freedom and liberty! No government control outside of a few variables, the people in power are taking sides, communism is back, socialism is back, eugenics is back, guns are gone, free religion is gone, the argument is being made that freewill doesn't exist! REALLY!! PAY ATTENTION!!!God himself being made obsolete by science, you understand?????? SCIENCE IS THE MAGIC THE BIBLE TALKS OF!! PRESENTING ITSELF AS AN ANGEL OF LIGHT!! No matter what you believe in, Sides are being taken! Pay attention. Johnson can't change it all just because he's President, but he can fight for our fucking FREEDOM MAAAAAAN!!! HE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! It's not like he will get elected and everyone's gonna be able to get high and dance naked. He still has Congress!! Just LISTEN!!!!! And there's no law on the books that says you have to pay income tax!! And more people die of cigarettes then terrorism! A WAR!! Marshall Law bro! Google gangstalking, Google dod directive 5240 1-r procedure 13, Google the Snowden leaks, Google NDAA section 1021, vote libertarian. PLEASE!!!AGAIN, HE CAN FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM, HE CANT JUST CHANGE IT ALL, JUST LIKE OBAMA COULDNT!! Make America America again,Get at my Google+ page....Senior Elder Dean VanValkenburg!! See also The Church of our High Priest Melchizedek!!

We are in the process of building a new church, and are in need of members and elders. The elders will be on the board of directors, and have a vote for everything that involves the Church. The only thing that is necassary, is for the members to believe the same thing that we believe. I would perfer the elders to have some backround, if not in ministry, at least religious studies, and the ability to lead. The church is called The Church of our High Priest Melchizedek.
We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. We believe that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We believe that we ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In order to gain that knowledge, we have to see what sin does and freely choose to do good, love God, and repent ( turn our backs too ) sin. We believe that God's laws are written on your heart, and if you keep it real with yourself, God will guide you into what accounts for your sins. If you love your neighbor as you love yourself, and put God above all else, you fulfill the whole law. But we are born into sin, and the wages of sin is death. Death means separation. When you die your soul separates from your body. The second death of Revelation, is when your soul separates from the presence of God. God is light, God is Love. There will be weeping and knashing of teeth.
Jesus has saved us from this. Jesus is God. He is a High Priest in the order of Melchizedek. Hebrews 7. The King of Salem. There is one God. He has manifested throughout the ages in different ways. The earth is millions of years old. The Bible only thousands of years old.Everybody has had a Melchizedek. For instance the Indians, before we discoverd America, Africa, China, India, ect. We believe God has manifested to everybody, all ages, times, and cultures. There is one God. He has manifested as Krishna, Mythra, Horus, Buddha, QuetZalcoatl, Attis, Tammuz, Osiris, and many more. All God, all in the order of Melchizedek. Hebrews 7. We believe the Muslims are descendent of Ishmael, born into slavery, but from the same God. Abrahams first seed, born of Hagar, the slave women. And also it is a spiritual reference that's been told in different ways thoroughly history.
Jesus is the last Melchizedek. Our church is called The Church of our High Priest Melchizedek. The Bible is the true word of God, it speaks to your spirit and guides you too the light. A sacrifice for sins was necessary, and Jesus died for our sins. We now have to repent from sin, not just accept the sacrifice. The laws that God imprinted on your heart, guide you into what sin is. You need to listen to that voice, it is God. We use the holy bible as our way to get to know God. You need no money to join. Just share our common belief. Anyone that wants to join this Church please email me. There are no other qualifications. Peace, love, empathy. The Lord's will be done. We are all different parts of the same body. God bless you. dsddbde@gmail
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