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Name: Chloé Ariana Townsend

Age  14

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Birthday: April 9th, 2002

Appearance: A 5'2 tall girl with light blue shade eye color with brownish blonde hair and has titanium braces without the band color and she wears different attire to place and wears an green nebulizer mask and hides it in her shirt and often carries the nebulizer in her backpack and she uses it anytime she needs it and she usually paints her nails a different color.

Relationship Status: Single

Status: Patient 

Allergic Reaction: Peanuts and anything with nuts in it

Diagnosis: Severe Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis

Insulin and Portable Nebulizer

Bio: After her mom died of cancer she lived with her alcoholic father who would beat on her and she was playing with her doll she later was coughing very badly and nearly died of a asthma attack and later the neighbors called an police officer and the police arrested her father on 2 Counts of Sodomy and Battery & Assault and also Premeditated Murder of Chloe. Chloe lives with the neighbors and they gave her a portable nebulizer with a green nebulizer mask with it and gave her a case of insulin in case of an allergic reaction occurs. Chloe later received braces on her 12th birthday and she often stays in her room and feels safe knowing that she is in peace. One day when Chloe was in school she was bullied and she was left a bag of cookies and she took a bite and she started to look wild for a few minutes and fell out her desk and was wheezing and nearly went into shock after she didn't know her allergic reaction to peanuts or anything with nuts in it. She later was injected by the school nurse and she woke up in the nurses office with her adopted mother looking concerned and Chloe had the nebulizer mask on her face and she looks around and asked questions and her nurse says that she had an allergic reaction to nuts and nearly lost consciousness and Chloe puts the nebulizer in her bag and tucks the mask in her shirt and goes the doctor to find out that her diagnosis are Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis

How Long to Stay: 4 Months (April is her release)
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Comes into the ER
Age 20

Hi I'm new here

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Bio:grimlock was a robotic human that turns into a tyranasourus Rex and he fails at surgery because he's not that smart but his boss doesn't know
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Hi I'm new here, I love online practice and surgeries. What doctor jobs is there?

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