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1. Be nice.
2. You will post something nice about Kathy or nothing at all.

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I'm done.

I can't.
Hello everyone.
It's +Sayje Davis​.
Kathryn gave me her account information in case th3 worst should happen, and I'm making this singular post to tell you all that it has.
Kathryn passed in her sleep tonight, peacefully.

If you have questions, message my account privately.

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Well. I know you were pretty mad at me the past couple days Kath, and I really hate myself for being who I was, too.
If nothing else, I just really really hope that your last week is the best you ever have, and I also hope that it isn't your last week.

Sure, we had our differences, but you know I still care. I'd do it all again if I had the choice, helping you with your constant depression, showing up at your house and letting you crash at mine.

I'm sorry, again, for not being able to be there for you now. And I just want you to know, wherever you end up going, that, should you live, my door will always be open.

Plus some: my respect for you is unending. You, however much you don't act it sometimes, are the most mature 18 year old I've ever met.
Be at peace, Kathryn.

Kathy is a great friend and very sweet.

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+Samantha Traynor​​,
Crying As I Write This I Just Want To Say That I Am Terribly Sorry That You Are Going Through This. I Am Glad To Have Met You. I Wish I Was The One Who Had Cancer And Not You. You Have A Purpose To Live And I Don't. I'm So Sorry. Hugs

I can't say I know her. Can't say I've even met her or talked with her but

I've never talked about something I don't know about so here goes what u do know

She doesn't deserve this, out of all the people in the world who could've had this horrible offset happen to their lives it shouldn't of been her.

And even though I don't know her I can see that she's come to terms with it, she is ready to accept her fate and move on without fuss and I can do nothing but admire her for that.

So finally, in conclusion.

Kathryn, you shall always be in my memories as one of the bravest people I've ever known.

I wish I could have gotten to know her more... I wish we could talk more... I just hope she has fun for these last days...
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