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  11,630 years in the future massive interstellar nations have risen, fallen, risen again, and died. The year is 13,645 on the Human Imperial Calendar, today's nations are older, bigger, and more deadly than ever. Grow with your chosen nation and help your species conquer the known universe.

[Role Playing]
  Character interaction when role playing is extremely encouraged. You can role play anywhere in the universe you like, but be careful, not all places are friendly.

  Cosmic Empires was created by, Robert DeVries by a series of changes to his nickname. It went from Zero, to The Industrian Empire on about 6 years. He encourages you to join, play, and enjoy his universe as it grows and evolves.
>>Cosmic Empires Update 2.1<<

It's been almost twenty days online and we have a lot of new exciting stuff to show off!

Firstly, new rules have been added that I neglected to add when we first started(Almost 6 new rules).
Secondly, new templates have been added to the pinned post: Private Military Corporations "PMC's" and Company templates.
Thirdly, new details have been added to the pinned post such as an FTL catalog, it shows the many different forms of warp drive.
Fourthly, a brand new section has been added, "Books" this section will act as an Arc Book holder, each book is decided into chapters and given titles.
Finally, I will be adding files to the File Catalog in the pinned post, go check it out for updates on the current book "An Ancient Emergence."

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Name: Draekan Vozoth
A.K.A Drake
Age: 81 years. 27 years in Terran.
Species: Doqth
Gender: Male
Home Planet: Quaenna
Bio: Draekan is a Doqth from the planet Quaenna. Quaenna is a planet of tree species: Xarel, winged humanoids, Vok'tra, Wolflike human species, and Doqth. A reptilian species. His personality, based on his culture, means he is naturally hostile towards strangers, but values his friends. Although he prefers to be alone, he knows the important of collaboration. Likes: He enjoys hunting, and loves fresh meat.
Dislikes: Strangers
Family: None. Lived in a commune.

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i wake up on the branch of a tree with my left leg hanging down huh where am i? i notice my two butterfly knives and pull one out to look at my reflection i peel my eye patch off to see why i have it on and i see that i have no right eye well yay! I'm a slightly blind blue creature and i have no idea how i got here ((open))

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Name:  Zaraken Melvile
Age: 16
Species: Koreid 
Gender: male
Likes:  cats independence and more cats
Dislikes: sentient beings 
Family:  has none all dead
Powers/Weapons: two long butterfly knives and can teleport a short distance and turn invisible for a short period of time

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Name: Rin Yuki
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Ice Wielder
Likes: The cold and snow. Being around people he is comfortable with and making new friends.
Dislikes: Any temperature above 75 degrees and people who make fun of him for his abilities.
Powers: He can summon and control the formation of ice at will. He can use it as a weapon or as replacements for common appliances (Such as a knife)

Personality: Though he is open to being friends with anyone, he can be quite cynical and weary of people who look at him strangely. He often doesn't stay in one place for too long and doesn't actually have a "home". He can also fall in love quite easily if he feels a connection toward the other person.

Family: All he remembers is having an older sister. Roughly twenty-five. Short with long black hair and green eyes.
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