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Ouma boy---

Werewolf naegi would probably have great sense of smell which would be great for him but bad for others imagine at night someone's hanging out with him outside and then suddenly he's like

'Yo i smell sausages. Someone's having sausages'

And then he just runs off and comes back with like 2 lbs of sausages and it just turns to mayhem because he probably stole them from somewhere but y'know, sausages are good



Naga ouma going to sleep in really weird places like 'oh you wanna watch some TV oh guess we can't because oumas fucking LAYING ON IT'

Werewolf Naegi having a weakness for getting his belly scratched, but when it happens, he thumps his foot really hard on the ground.

What if you booped oumas nose he just kind of freezes up before slowly retreating and shrinking to hide in his tail

Naga ouma wanting to cuddle for some reason so all his does is jump out in his victim before wrapping his tail around them, they can't escape if they can't move

I still think that vampire Kamu should be able to be tamed with bat pacifiers-

I want Naga ouma to cry because he's so small and he can't reach the animal crackers
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