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“If you can see that God is an experience and not merely a grand idea, you will be able to see the connection between your relationship with God and your relationship with others."

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Five Stages of Growth of the Consciousness on the Spiritual Path
A person significantly developed ethically and intellectually is capable of mastering the following five main stages of the growth on the spiritual Path:
1. This is a preparatory stage: one has to master the true knowledge about God, about the meaning of our lives, about the methodology of the spiritual growth — and then to change correspondingly one’s own way of life.
2. Then such a person becomes established in the localization of himself in the chakra anahata and perceives the outer world from it, reacts from this chakra to the events that take place around.
3. Then he/she becomes a spiritual heart much larger than the material body. He/she can assume giant forms similar to the appearance of the human body. Now he/she possesses the ability to move in the universal space as a consciousness free from the fetters of matter: to move, in particular, with the help of the arms of the consciousness which grow from the spiritual heart and are coessential to it.
4. Having refined himself to the state of the Holy Spirit and having cognize the Creator in His Abode, He/She lives now among other Holy Spirits feeling Them, embracing Them, merging with Them — and together with Them helps other incarnated beings in their spiritual advancement.
5. Having submerged into the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness (the Creator) and having finally merged with Him, He/She lives in two main states of the Creator: in Calm or in an active state which is called the Divine Fire. He/She is merged with the wholeness of the Absolute but also comes to incarnated beings as a Representative of the Creator — a Holy Spirit.
© Antonov V.V., 2010.

If God spoke through a Messenger for this time, would you take the time to listen? Well, it is possible and I offer you this opportunity.

If God spoke through a Messenger for this time, would you take the time to listen? Well, it is possible and I offer you this opportunity.

If God spoke through a Messenger for this time, would you take the time to listen? Well, it is possible and I offer you this opportunity.

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Beautiful words from the New Message from God. You can hear much much more at:

God and the physical reality

The current physical/mathematical explanations of our Universe do not take information and intelligence into account when as far as I understand everything has built related to a general law.

I think the exponential development of space and energy and the linear information about them provided by time points that the Universe have started form the physical 0 state.

Because of this I have had to ask which mathematical operation would describe the first physical process and what would be that?

The first physical process I would say 0x1=1
where 0 is the space time energy matter information free nothing and 1 is the first sign of intelligence/information - the will of existence - described by a natural number.

I have to assume that information/intelligence is the first metaphysical unit since the sign of intelligence/information is in every physical unit in our universe.

The will of existence like this at this given space-time moment would be: 0.0000...001 Smaller than any other physical/metaphysical unit but more than the physical 0.

I do believe that math has the ability to describe the physical operations. I inspect the mathematical world from the physical realities point of view.

I do believe that every physical unit actually already manipulated by zero or in other worlds our reality is existing in proportion to zero. (everything already multiplied/divided by zero) The operation with zero on any value is giving the value presented in the mathematical operation.

Zero is a conception ever since anything exist!

On the quest to understand:

The beginning is unknown but we can assume it from what we experience.

The explanation for the beginning of the Universe is a philosophical/physical/mathematical assumption.

1. Our physical world built by the Laws of Nature. Every atom and subatomic particle carries the information of the Laws of Nature.

As I inspected my existence and I gave the usual questions to myself why am I here? what is the purpose of my life? etc... I realized that actually I am intelligent, that my intelligence can exist because my physical appearance allows it.

Like this my energy with consciousness is a consequence of a 13.7 billion years long cause and causality development guided by the Laws of Nature.

Realizing this and take in consideration that Humanity is just about to enter the age of technological Singularity I had have to realize that biological existences might have created 3-4 billion years after the big bang and that a civilization starting to evolve 5 billion years before ours must be a type 4-5 civilization by now.

We could call them Gods since the Intelligence what they own related to ours is like Our intelligence related to bacterias. We could call them Gods and related to Us they are, but in my opinion God is the starting will of existence which appeared in the physical 0 state. It have appeared before the big bang and determined the evolution of space and the appearance of energy then evolve to be the Laws Of Nature which is as general intelligence presented in everything.

Every information/Intelligence/consciousness in the entire Universe determined by this Laws and so God (the basic will of existence, the evolving general intelligence) is part of everything.

2. Value is a subjective conception. We use abstract mathematics today which has difficulties to give values to the physical world (1x0=...2/0=...0/2=?...) Because of this the determination of value is subjective. One thing we can still know. If we understand the state of physical 0 (space time energy matter and even information free nothing) related to that state everything has some kind of value.

Electrons, atoms and the whole physical world is revealing values and by that and since we are physical entities our attributes connected to the physical world reveals values too.

We are not able to evaluate those values on the right way yet but they are there.

Intelligence, Freedom, Responsibility, Peace, Love, Unity, Good will, Curiosity, Power, Respect.......

3. Everything what I inspect has a reason why it has evolved.

Through gravity We are connected to the entire Universe. By this every atom and electron plays a role in Our existence.

Every creature around Us has a function and has a reason why it evolved and how it has evolved.

The whole world is built on each other creating an interconnected biophysical mass.

The ground reason is the will of existence what is presented in our own intelligence at this given space-time we live in.

4, Everywhere around me I see the evidence of Intelligence. Everything is carrying the sing of Intelligence. Everything what is existing is an evidence.

I do not think that energy and matter always existed.

I think our Universe is energy matter organized by the Laws of Nature in space

I think our Universe has evolved from the physical 0 state which is a space time energy matter information free nothing.

I think first, the Laws of Nature got introduced in the physical 0 state as a BASIC Intelligence the simple will of existence which determined the evolution of space and the appearance of energy..etc. The big bang is a consequence and it is most likely still on and it is still produces energy. Everything in our Universe has a cause and causality relation.

Our universe is one. It is one space with common physical Laws. I think there is no possibility for multiverses theories because everything will ever exist will exist in the common space, time and gravitational field frame.

Math should be refined by physics so it´s operations and the natural numbers fit and describe the physically existing values! (2/0=...1x0=...0/2=...0.1x0.1=....etc)

Note that without physical reality math does not exist, without physical tool as our brain we can not process math…

Note that we are energy with consciousness resulting from a minimum 13.8 billion years of cause and causality development regulated by the Laws of Nature in the physical reality.

We have one past and an infinite possibility of choice for the future. If something happened it will always be like that.

The double slit experiment proves that everything is interconnected and even with inspection, we have effect on the inspected one. The past and the result of the inspection can not be changed. There is no other world where the result of your inspection would be different.

Questions should be answered and task should be performed before trying to explain Quantum Mechanics:

1. Where from the Universe started to evolve?

2. In which shape Space started to extend at the beginning of time?

3. What caused the appearance of the energy?

4. Where the first energy has appeared in the expanding space?

5. What caused the Big Bang?

6. Did the Laws of Nature prevailed in the Big Bang determining the evolution of space, time, energy, matter?

7. In which shape Energy has expanded in the Big-Bang?

8. Did all the space, energy and matter created in one fraction of a second?

9. Can starting space, energy, matter creation be longer than a second?

10. Which force/circumstance stopped the Big-Bang?

11. Can we count the Universe as one?

12. What shape the Universe has?

13. Does the Universe has a center?

14. What position in space the center of a supersymmetric Universe has?

15. Where does the gravitational force is the strongest in the supersymmetric Universe?

16. Does Heisenberg´s uncertainty principle stands in the center of the supersymmetric Universe?

17. How far an other Independent Universe has to be from Us, that our Universes space, time and gravitational force has 0 effect on it?

18. Which mathematical operation describe the first physical process?

19. From the physical point of view how much is 0x1 if 0 is a space-time-energy-matter-information free nothing and 1 is any physical unit described by a natural number?

20. Can you and how can you create a lower value than the physical 0 state?

21. Is there lower values than the physical 0 state in the Universe or is there opposite values in the Universe?

My answers:

1. From the physical 0 state

2. Sphere

3. The emerging space

4. Right in the middle

5. First energy in the emerging space.

6. Yes.

7. Sphere.

8. No

9. Yes

10. Did not stop the Big Bang is still on.

11. Yes. The Universe has evolved from the physical 0 state. Ever since anything exist the physical 0 is a conception. Since the evolution of space originates from this state everything exist has to exist in the same space-time gravitational field frame with the common Laws of Nature.

12. Symmetric. Sphere.

13. Yes

14. Fixed

15. In the center of the system.

16. No

17. There is just one Universe.

18. 0x1=1

19. 1

20. You can not create lower value than the physical 0 state. There are opposite values but lower than the physical 0 can not exist.

21. There are opposite values. Lower value than the physical zero can not exist. 
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