Had this app on my Pebble Steel and it worked flawlessly. However my steel died and I recently acquired gear S3. I would love to see this application on that device. Any plans. All current offerings from other developers are horrible.

Hope this can support Here Maps too

Hi, I have 2 feature requrests, could you please consider to implement them? And I will very glad to buy the license.

Please consider to add Taiwan in to Google play available list and allow Nav Me runs in the Android with the non-support language and using English UI is OK.

1. The Traditional Chinese words is shown in Nav Me perfectly. But I have to change Android language from Traditional Chinese to English, then I can see the Nav Me works (or the Nav Me are not available to run), and even if the street is with Traditional Chinese words, the street name is still shown perfectly. And Nav Me UI is very simple, with English words UI, that will not be a problem for operating and navigation.

2. Because Taiwan is not listed in Nav Me support area in Google Play, I can only download via the published link in this Google+ site.

Thanks a lot.

It would be great if we had an option to quick launch voice recognition longpressing up or down button.

I love this app but I really miss this feature. What do you think dev?


Add sidebar to nav me cris

Any chance of adding Citymapper integration to get public transit directions? Otherwise, love the app. Thanks!

Can you please re-add the option to show speed as this view has disappeared in recent version?

It stops after the first point when I make a route with multiple navigation points in google maps. Is there a way to overcome this?

Please make at least the beta available in all countries on the Play Store!
This is really hurting the user experience to realize I need to install a new version manually every time I try to use it...

Is there any reason why the destination Menu is gone from the watch? Before u could Start and change your destination from watch, now not... And why does the watch Menu say Version 43.0 when I installed v 120?
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