hello, i would like to know how it works the pay license. if i buy it and i change my smartphone i will have to pay again?

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I have Nav Me (purchased) installed on a Pebble Steel, newest Pebble app installed. When I go to Google Maps and enter a destination, then start Nav Me, it errors and to "Start Google Navigation to continue..." I know of no 'Google Navigation' app other than Google maps.

What am I missing?

Had this app on my Pebble Steel and it worked flawlessly. However my steel died and I recently acquired gear S3. I would love to see this application on that device. Any plans. All current offerings from other developers are horrible.

I'm using Nav Me since a long time and I like very much. Nav Me connects every time with Google Maps, but did not connect when Maps is started from Android Auto. Notifications and Bluetooth are enable in Android Auto. Is there an additional configuration to do for Android auto?

I've bought license, but the program on pebble time steel shows message "trial has expired ". How to solve this problem?

i have been using this app for like 2 years and all of a sudden it does not want to connect to google maps or run when i open maps or start directions, i have a s7 edge and pebble time, i tried older versions and it longer wants to work

While commuting & using the NavMe app on my Pebble, if I get a phone call, the screen on my Pebble changes to indicate that I'm on a call. However, when the next turn is up on my commute, my Pebble vibrates, but the screen remains on the call rather than switching to show the next direction via the NavMe app on my Pebble. Any changes to settings that I can make so that it switches back to the NavMe app?

I am a new (although late) Pebble owner. I love the Nav Me app. It says that my trial had expired. I am willing to pay $2.99 for the license fee, but wanted to confirm whether the app will still be functional after Fitbit ends cloud services for Pebble. Thanks!

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My new WatchMaker face!

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Hi, it keeps saying my trial has expired. Where do I buy the full version from?
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